#MakiBox Midweek Glimpse - Gearing Up!

2021-10-10 15:52 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

#MakiBox Midweek Glimpse - Gearing Up!


What's that you say? You think the MakiBox could use some huge, tough looking gears? Well, we are working on just that right now.

 We are trying some variations of nozzles which have helped us to reduce the running temp and the backpressure in the system, and now we are building a gearbox to assist the mechanism. In parallel, we are working on the feedback electronics so that we can make the flow nice and smooth and operate ninja quiet (or at least not be annoying). 

For those that have a hankering to chat a bit, we will host another Hangout on Air at this time: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/fixedtime.html?msg=MakiBox+Hangout&iso=20121013T12&p1=102&ah=1 Saturday early for some, late Friday for others. We will have more coming up at different times for those that can't make it live, and it will be on Air, so would be available later on the YouTube.

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