#MakiBox Midweek Glimpse - In The Zone

2021-10-24 16:16 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

#MakiBox Midweek Glimpse - In The Zone


We are deep in the design space of melt zones and thermal gradients this week. In the pic is today's test rig using a composite of brass and stainless to test if there is a broader, more uniform gradient along the barrel, with a focused heat source at the nozzle. The nozzle looks like it is doing what we need, but the brass barrel worked too well and ended up melting the whole load of pellets when we bumped the nozzle to 240C.

In other news, our revised USB interface firmware is shaping up to not require any drivers across all platforms, so really will be a simple install or even just an executable program.




Henry Turlock responded:

I had a thought with regard to the printer. It would be great if one could use either film or pellets for the printing material.

Would it not be possible to set up your pellet extruder so that it would extrude film of the required size and fit in the area for the film spool then just extrude a film that would feed into the regular print head as it does from the spool of film?

If this were possible then one could just remove the extruder and insert a spool of film if they wanted to print with a special film. Or remove the spool of film and insert the extruder if they had pellet material that they wanted to use.

The above is just a thought, I do not mean to tell you your business.


Jonathan Buford responded:

This was brought up before. It isn't really that simple to have a single mechanism that does both. The filament spools would need to be smaller than typical to fit in the box, especially if we had it do double duty.

andybox responded:
Sounds like s pellet meter at the injector entrance could be a solution, not gradients, to me. Each rev (or rev/n) gets x pellets into the pusher.
Jonathan Buford responded:
The thermal gradients are a design thing. Different materials have different thermal conductivity and different geometry does as well. We are working with both to minimize the amount of melted stuff, but get good and consistent output. As far as control system, we are putting a rotary sensor on the filament output and setting up a feedback loop so that we can very precisely control what comes out.


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