#MakiBox Midweek Glimpse - Made to Measure

2021-10-31 17:28 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)


This week is filled with testing a stronger gear box and connecting up the rest of the extrusion system to start test prints.

The photo is the magnetic rotary sensors we are using for tracking the filament output. These chips sense the angle of rotation of a magnetic field precisely enough that we will have around 0.03mm or better accuracy on the movement of the filament available.

We've been doing some reconfiguring of hosting, preparing to switch to the new site, and inadvertently ran into some extended routing issues on the Makible.com site that should be resolved. We will be bringing the new blog/store/forum live soon that will focus on MakiBox.

Stay tuned later this week, it is likely to be some hot messy plastic getting laid out in geometric patterns.


Evan responded:
I'm curious about how a magnetic encoder will help here. Surely the plastic isn't magnetic? Or are you measuring rotation of the screw drive and assuming that it's directly correlated to filament movement?
Jonathan Buford responded:

Nope, there is a small magnet that is riding on the filament to track it.

andybox responded:
Ways to demagnetize a magnet:
1. AC field 2. Vibration 3. Heat. I am assuming none of these apply in its placement....
Jonathan Buford responded:

Not outside of the acceptable parameters of the device.

andybox responded:
The magnet, not the device. I assume you are not engaging a magnet in the hot part of the extruder...

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Jonathan Buford responded:
The chip and the magnet are located immediately next to each other, 
that is how it works. But, yes, it is measuring solidified filament, 
not liquid plastic.
maximpulse responded:
It's like you are a god giving your creation senses. As the Makibox becomes more interactive with its environment, it's more like a living creature. 
I am so happy about your creative progress.
andybox responded:
Here's hoping Jon's crew doesn't make Makiboxes so self-aware that they wants to loot plastic pellets via M2M-networked printer flashmobs #BeadzLootCrew
It'd just be repraparations...
ref: http://www.infowars.com/shameless-looters-display-stolen-goods-on-twitter/

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Jonathan Buford responded:

We will work the three laws into the firmware by that point.

andybox responded:

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