#MakiBox Midweek Glimpse - Powering Up

2021-10-17 17:21 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

#MakiBox Midweek Glimpse - Powering Up


This week, we are working towards getting the system together as soon as possible. It looks like we have some progress in smoothing out the output from the pellet extruder, so we will be in a good position to feed it through the print head soon. 


The photo is of the prototype power board that has the power socket, switch, and fuse on it, and distributes power to the main board. 

We may also be moving to our new site this week, so there may be a new look coming. For those that have registered for updates here, you will need to create an account on the new site, but this will also be the home for support for the MakiBox with integrated forum and everything.

For those that missed the Hangout, check out either the video:


Or you can read Ross's summary if you don't have two hours to spare.


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