MakiBox - Open House Postponed for Two Weeks, Hangout Still On

2021-08-17 21:08 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox - Open House Postponed for Two Weeks, Hangout Still On


This has been a particularly active typhoon season here, at least after the last few years. Today we had to wrap up early due to another storm coming in, so we will just have to see what is ready for tomorrow's Hangout. 

For those of you in Hong Kong that were planning to come to the open house, we will be postponing it for two weeks since we couldn't confirm the food in time with the storm. 



We will be in tomorrow as soon as the weather permits. 

In the top photo, you can see the limit switches installed. I wish I had time to take a video of it moving tonight, but the T8 signal went up quicker than expected, so we needed to leave.



David Contreni responded:
After seeing pics and now a video of a makibox actually coming together--One wonders, what tools will be needed to actually assemble one? I know you'll be working on assembly instructions, and you've mentioned that the assembly will be "Ikea easy." And also, it's been mentioned that soldering won't be necessary. But now that it looks like the A6's really will ship in a few weeks, maybe in a near future post you could list the tools test equipment that will be needed? Screwdrivers, wrenches, pliers? crimping tools? Calipers? Multimeter? Bubble level? Thermometer?
Jonathan Buford responded:
Tools, we will include at least the two hex drivers needed. We will be building very detailed instructions that are online and will sort out the whole workflow. No soldering, no bubble levels or crimp tools. If it is anything outside of what we include, it will just be optional, if possible.

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