MakiBox Pellet Drive - 3rd Iteration Ready For Testing

2021-06-20 20:46 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox Pellet Drive - 3rd Iteration Ready For Testing

We got the latest revison to the new pellet drive system together tonight, only to find that a firmware update was preventing us from firing it up and testing it out.


This new version has a longer tapered nozzle, which should eliminate the air that was getting trapped into the output and also reduce the blowback we were seeing from the first two versions we tested.

Stay tuned tomorrow for hot plastic action.



Florian Horsch responded:
Hey Jonathan - looks very nice :)

I've missed the last posts, so I wondered what's the plan here in context with Makibox? You "just" want to produce your own filament or is it about getting this straight on the box itself?

Good luck with the test-run!

Nils Hitze responded:
included in the Box Florian
Florian Horsch responded:
You're shitting me Nils! I can't believe this :D I need this freaking printer... want to play with it!

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