MakiBox Pellet Drive First Assembly

2021-06-29 18:07 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox Pellet Drive First Assembly

We were able to get the CNC parts ready today, but there is some small modifications needed before we can fire up this latest version of the new drive.


Overall, the gearbox and everything went together well. The barrel got mis-threaded, so we will need to redo the mounting plate before running it. And the nozzle needs to be made and assembled on it. The brass on the end of the barrel is just the holder to keep the nozzle in place.



The gearbox works well, and seems promising to have enough torque to not stall out. This barrel is slightly smaller diameter around the screw, and there is no transition between the larger plastic barrel to the metal one, so it should have less internal friction for big sticking.


This is a picture of this unit next to the MakiBox, so you have a clear idea that it really will easily fit inside and leave plenty of room for the pellet hopper to fill the rest of the space.

We have a big storm coming into Hong Kong over tonight and the next few days, so we need to leave earlier than usual tonight, and may not be able to come to the lab tomorrow (Saturday for us) to wrap this iteration up. If possible I'll come back on Sunday and finish this one up and see what the performance is like. These next few days are public holidays here, but we basically save up those for when we have time. 

Have a good weekend.



gr0b responded:
Looks good. Would the nozzle work better if pointing down? to address the air bubble issue.
Jonathan Buford responded:
I don't think gravity has much influence on things. Based on the cross sections that I did of the previous editions, it looks like it is more of a overall pressure thing, and that if there is more pressure, it gets taken care of somehow. We will need to do some more autopsies to sort out what goes on inside the nozzles.

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