MakiBox Pellet Drive First Tests

2021-06-11 21:05 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox Pellet Drive First Tests

Good results so far from the new pellet drive.


We got it wired up and started pushing it through its paces. The heater works like a charm, and will be better with our new temperature sensor. We are finding the thermistors to not be fast enough for the heater and system.

We were pushing 300C at the heater itself without any problem, so we have the room to keep on trying some different variations on the length of the output barrel and the length of the metal input side of things. We were stopped by a blowout later on in the day, so will pick it up again tomorrow.

The next step is to try more variations of output size, length of the metal barrel, nozzle shapes, and materials. After that, we will connect this up to feed the extruder on the printer, and be able to test out printing.

We were lucky today also to be featured in Pando Daily: This article explains where we are heading pretty well.

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