MakiBox Prototype - Smoove and Ready to Moove

2021-05-25 20:57 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox Prototype - Smoove and Ready to Moove

Today was the day that it seemed like everything started to happen at once. We made good progress with the production board setup and configuration, got some more details of the heatbed sorted, and started putting together the current prototype.


So far, it looks pretty amazing. We got as far as having all three axies assembled without the drive rods in place. This allows for seeing what kind of movement we can expect, but can reasonably know it will just get more solid. There were some screws we needed to pick up shorter versions of, so the mechanism will just get more rigid as well. Separately, we were working on the firmware and testing out production electronic boards, so we should have everything ready to start running the prototype representative of the production product. You can see in the video that the movement is smooth and very promising already.

The hot bed is not fully installed. The cross pieces are not in place to brace the supports and those same parts support the bed. One interesting feature is that this design actively supports itself by effectively locking the bearing while still keeping it easy to move from the center of the bearing.









The whole assembly is quite light weight but solid at the same time, so really looks like it should be a good combination.



David Contreni responded:
This has got to be the best update EVER. Everything looks so sharp and well designed.
Russell_A_G (Twitter) responded:
SWEEEEEET, one thing i have to ask, is it still the size of a piece of paper?
Nicholas Wang responded:
@Russell Yes, and you should be able to get a general sense of its size by watching the video.
exilaus (Twitter) responded:
IS BEST update! nice and clear project!

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