MakiBox Update - HK Mini Maker Faire

2021-08-14 21:25 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox Update - HK Mini Maker Faire


Last Saturday we had the opportunity to be part of the first Maker Faire in Hong Kong. There were around 20 makers showing their projects off, mostly robots. It was a very busy day, going non-stop from around 2-5pm with people coming through constantly and then tapering off until we wrapped up after 6.




One funny anecdote, we have just had an environmental disaster happen here in Hong Kong where several container loads of plastic pellets were lost into the local waters from a ship in a storm. It has washed up on a local beach and created quite a news story. So, everyone knew what the plastic pellets were that came by.



David Contreni responded:
Were you actually sitting there building A6's Jon?
mrwatermelon5 (Twitter) responded:
how are the 3d prints are they good, is the resolution good is that one of them in the corner in the far right corner?
David Contreni responded:

The Makibox is in the final stages of its development and hasn't actually printed anything yet. The first print is supposed to be imminent, and has been eagerly awaited for some weeks now. Jon has predicted that the quality of the output will be typical of reprap style printers.

Jonathan Buford responded:
@David - Yes, I was building one, but there were so many people coming through that I barely had time to make progress.

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