MakiBox Update - MakiLab Open House and Hangout Friday

2021-08-14 22:19 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiBox Update - MakiLab Open House and Hangout Friday


It has been a while since we moved in, we are finally close to wrapping up the MakiBox A6 and we are getting pretty cosy here, so we want to invite everyone over to see our lab before we hit production.

Two ways to be part: 

If you are in Hong Kong, RSVP here

If you are somewhere else, we will post up a Google Hangout on Air that day. The time will be from 6pm to late Hong Kong time. The Hangout will be for around one or two hours of that, and we will try to give a live tour of things to folks that join us.




MondeInfini (Twitter) responded:
Good afternoon. If I order the printer you think it comes serat how long? Thank you. (I am French, I have a bad english;)
tecdroid responded:
maybe someone of your team could visit irc on friday, too. so questions could be answered online.

most of guys in irc ask things like
when will it be ready?
did someone ever see it print?
how accurate can it really work?
what will you print with it?


asiaplay responded:
Hi MakiLab Team,

A friend of mine has mentioned this project to me and it sounds really great!

I am just wondering if I take the time to join this event on Friday, will I be in luck to see a working prototype of Makibox in action?
i.e. printing something in 3D...

Thanks in advance for your reply and the hands up...

Cheers - Asiaplay

GR0B (Twitter) responded:
I found IRC to be bit of a ghost town, Most of the time I only had Chanserv to keep me company.
dfinn (Twitter) responded:
How long will the hangout be? It is 6AM On the US East Cost. I will try to make it, since I ma interested and working from home that day.
dfinn (Twitter) responded:
I also ordered one of the printers when you started the project.

Looking forward to playing with it. I think this tech will change the world.

kaelaussie responded:
I look forward to the Google Hangout session and can't wait to see the final prototype not to mention receiving my printer (hopefully in the near future)
Jonathan Buford responded:
@dfinn - We've tried to push it back a couple of hours so that it might be possible to include more people. The event is posted in a new update.

@kaelaussie - Thanks, we will try to have a good show and discussion today.

Thanks everyone for the support, we are all looking forward to wrapping the development up and getting hardware into your hands soon.


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