#MakiBox Update - Mythical Creature Plots Another (Unicorns and Rainbow Filament)

2021-09-08 18:09 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

#MakiBox Update - Mythical Creature Plots Another (Unicorns and Rainbow Filament)

Time for another update to wrap up a good week here at the lab.


Nils teased recently with a 3D unicorn, and we couldn't resist getting back at him by drawing Nils the Unicorn, complete with rainbow filament speghetti at the mouth.

For this one, we will show the video first, since the rest of this will make more sense after you see it.


We used an updated pellet nozzle to create a 1mm filament using two pellets of different colors fed in in a row. The result is pretty good, the transition is pretty quick from one to the next, and there is some mixing, so potentially those that want to blend different pellets while printing to get different colors may have some interesting results.






A gallery of the results, with some closeups of the filament.


Plotting Nils.


The finished product. 


This has been a good week, we've made a lot of progress on many fronts, and are looking forward to picking up and seeing some more next week.



David Contreni responded:
So. . .the makibox makes a nice xy plotter. That's good to know. And as for multicolored print, it would just be a matter of feeding specific colored pellets from multiple hoppers. Interesting.
ccrome responded:
Most excellent. Looks like everything's coming together. I can't wait :-)
tecdroid responded:
this looks really great :D
seems there isn't much missing to complete the makibox?
I'd guess getting the pellet drive into the box, build a nozzle and print :)
How about software?

Now i'm convinced that i can print some christmas presents this year :)

topot responded:
wow it's a cool! and the speed of drawing also high.
and the noise of machine is not loud.
I can't wait for printing used by the new pellet drive.
Jonathan Buford responded:
We should be able to get higher speeds with some tweaking. One really nice thing, we had no calibration to do other than the table leveling and height adjustment. We will look into how to make the z calibration as easy as possible.
Bernd responded:
I love the sound of the MakiBox. It sounds solid and under constant controll. Great work Jonathan congratulations to your Team as well. Cant wait for my MakiBox :-)


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