#MakiBox A6 Beta 00 Assembled!

2022-01-29 23:33 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 21)

A little over 2 hours to be ready to start testing.

2 hour build time, yeah! Lost video from the build, boo!

So, very solid, some tweaks to parts need to be made before test printing and sending out the other betas.

Looking like 4 hour build time is possible for most people following step by step instructions, but more advanced builders can probably get in at 1-2 hours once we have everything documented well and work out the flow of the build to avoid some of the backsteps with this first build. 

A power screw driver is recommended, probably cuts down 30-45 minutes of the build time easily.

More photos and other stuff to follow tomorrow. 

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Comment by steven valentine-page | 2022-01-30

This 3d printer seriously needs to be in every school!

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2022-01-30

Wow. 2 hrs time is very good. reprap takes much longer than that.

I have 2 questions, (1) where is the ABS wheels fit in?
(2) Is pellet extruder come in differenc box, by saying, we need to extrude PLC into wheel first before printing?



Comment by exi | 2022-01-30

Clap clap clap....yes is a really cool 3d printer... solid compact simple.

Comment by camerin hahn | 2022-01-30

Well now after i see a demo of the print process i will be satisfied and place my order. Slowly hacking away at my overall concerns. Way to go guys.

Comment by Jens Rapp | 2022-01-30

very hot :) hope to be able to assemble it soon :)

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2022-01-30

Well done indeed, it's looking fantastic. I can't wait to give it a go.

Comment by Arnold Muller | 2022-01-30

gonna look beautiful in my lounge ;) 4 cocktail party's printing shooter glasses for everyone to perve on and knowing the good engineering that's gone into it can't wait to see a rostock style makidelta outflow from your concept company now everythings in place! very awesome job guys
its so clear and visible transparent and educational not hidden away just the way open source should be hey my microwave oven needs a new knob!

Comment by Pieter Schreurs | 2022-01-31

cant wait to build mine :D

Comment by andybox | 2022-01-31

Hoping all screws are either Philips, Torx, or socket head....ideally one flavor of driver for all screws in the box.

Given some people probably aren't very tool proficient, slot head screws are just begging for scratches, marring, and sticking a screwdriver through their hands.

I STILL have not had my order confirmed or sorted out...

Comment by sergio ferreira | 2022-02-01

Fantastic ! ;)
Thanks for the update !