MakiBox A6 Beta - More Photos, More to Come

2022-02-07 17:49 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 19)

Quick post, more to follow.


Just getting around to posting these photos from the first build. We are working on wrapping up the beta tweaking and should have more soon.


First, the full set of components for the build.


Electric screwdriver recommended. Otherwise, you wind up screwing in over 50 by hand. 


After about an hour and a half, including some missteps from it being the first time.


Almost done, just need to tidy it up and calibrate it. 


Pretty good for a little over two hours of work.


Looking forward to seeing how long it takes everyone to put this together. We should be able to make some pretty concise build instructions based on what we experienced here. Most builds will be in the 2-4 hour range for this design, but with some tweaks, this could still be improved.


We will be doing more photos soon, other casing colors and materials and will do a second build to get a timelapse without losing the video.

Looking forward to seeing everyone else starting on theirs soon.

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Comment by MakiBox Member | 2022-02-07

I'ts beautiful

Comment by Antonio Orlando | 2022-02-08

With the second build, instead of a timelapse I'd suggest a a video with closeups showing the build with the purpose of exactly showing what to do, i.e. an edited step-by-step build instructions guide, by video. Then, for fun, a timelapse of it too :)

Comment by Craig Lee | 2022-02-08

All in based on these images with an HT+Ramen kit.

Jon, do you have an assembly shop to throw the boxes together to fulfill your current orders?



Comment by scott walters | 2022-02-08

Keep It up, Your awesome! I Cant wait to build mine, and use it.

Comment by Pawel Sapko | 2022-02-08

Looks cool!!

Comment by Dan Neely | 2022-02-08

@Antonio Disagree. If there are tweaks done between now and the final production model the howto video would need redone. Best to wait until then before taking that much time and effort.

Comment by camerin hahn | 2022-02-08

So, close. still wanting a vid on stating a print job.

Comment by andybox | 2022-02-09

LOL - do we get a tub of fasteners like that? One missing and we're screwed....

Screw-in soft rubber feet (not the adhesive kind) would be nice (I don't see any). Both for noise transmission and to keep it from sliding around, maybe winding up on the floor if it's on a slick table (like glass).

So all the guide blocks and rails are going to be pre-assembled? It's nice, but a) takes the fun out of the build and b) you need to hire more 9 year old "technicians" in your shop than you already have ;-)

Speaking of kids - I'll be heading out to the other side of the planet next week, so will be revectoring my unit to my 17 year old son. My biggest concern, having been a FIRST Robotics mentor, is that guys that are new to building things tend to torque the crap out of screws when assembling things. Any ideas for preventing rookie thread stripping in the plastic corner blocks, maybe cracking the acrylic when mounting the motoes? I can see two or three out of 50 getting messed up. Then wait a week or two for a replacement to come from HK

On another rookie build issue that may come up, especially this time of year - the acrylic material in that casing is about the worst choice of material for static buildup. How do you propose they handle the controller board install and hookup without zapping or damaging the board with ESD to where it'll fail?

Looks good, though...just providing some fine tuning suggestions.

Comment by Googlyhead Googlyhead | 2022-02-09

If the instructions could just provide a recommended torque figure, then you just supply the slave labor with a torque driver!

Comment by Robin | 2022-02-09

Actually, when will the be official launch?