#MakiBox A6 - From Parts to Print in Two Hours!

2021-06-30 20:28 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 25)

Simple enough, even a pirate could do it.

Two hours, from parts to print. This is the third pre-production unit we've assembled and are happy with the performance and also the ease of assembly and use we are having so far.

In the first video, we have just a quick assembly that took around an hour and a half. The second video is the first time setup (bed leveling, priming the filament, and connecting to the computer) as well as the results of the first print and tweaking. (The second video is uploading while we are posting this, and looks like it may be a good five hours before it finishes uploading.)

It looks like most people will be able to do relatively difficult prints out of the box with very little tweaking.

Everyone is very happy with the results, and looking forward to getting the next test shot parts in the next few days so we can send out more pre-production units to final testers as we slide into final production over the next two weeks. 

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Comment by najib aouni | 2021-06-30

As the creator you save a lot of time by not having to look at the manual and waste time by figuring out where goes what. I would estimate someone building it for the first time would take 3-5 hours. All in all I'm very glad that the makibox is on the verge of release and I can't wait to see what Makible is going to bring in the future.

Comment by Fprint | 2021-06-30

Unfortunately, I can't see the second video. Youtube says video is unavailable...

Comment by John Matsukes | 2021-07-01

" getting the next test shot parts in the next few days so we can send out more pre-production units to final testers as we slide into final production over the next two weeks." so you will start shipping these out for sure by the middle of July?

Comment by Asa Mazor-Freedman | 2021-07-01

Just wondering, about how long did it take to print the Yoda model?

Comment by Cris Rowlands | 2021-07-01

Still says its unavailable here, when you go to view it on youtube, it says its still processing.

Comment by Matthias Lewen | 2021-07-01

Yes, uploading the second one took a while.
We actually tried already once yesterday, but our internet was kinda slow. Even today it took some hours, instead of minutes.

Anyway, now the second video is up!

Comment by Mauro M | 2021-07-01

ps Jon in second video..nice see Elliot business card used for leveling and how are front of you? see one feet :D

Comment by John Matsukes | 2021-07-01

I wonder if that is a Tokyo Flash watch jon is wearing in this video?

Comment by E1 | 2021-07-01

Jon, You end the second video with "pretty awesome" i think its more like "super awesome" kudos to you and your team!!! I have been watching from nearly the beginning of the design and have always been impressed with the solid engineering you put in and the results are visible right out of the box. I appreciate the additional fixes vs rushing it out - will pave the way for repeat customers.

That said can't wait to get it to print out the prototype pieces i have been learning to create in sketchup. Question: Will there be a roundup on cad tool pros/cons/recommendations or at a minimum compatibility thoughts in the near future, have not yet convinced myself the $500+ license is the way to go when my 8 free hours are up - sw is great and a great deal for a business, but for an individual its a lot of mula.

One more thought, you seem to have amassed good knowledge on how to tell what parameters may be off by looking at the output - hope a good chunk of it will make the manual with some pictures to help users id each tweak to do

@ Matsuks - 99.9% sure the watch is a pebble

Fantastic work!!!

Comment by camerin hahn | 2021-07-01

can't ... wait, suspense is......