#MakiBox A6 Hits Pre-Production

2021-06-15 20:21 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 38)

Nice, real nice.


We got our test shots in this week!

Overall, pretty solid, only a few small changes will be needed to get the tolerances on the moving parts to the right level. There are a few small changes we will add as well as final tweaks, but nothing that changes the schedule. Based on this, we should be good to start production at the end of the month as planned and will be testing the test shot versions in the mean time and sending them out for some testers to also go through the assembly.

In the mean time, we've gotten the final material (Polycarbonate) selected for the LT version of the MakiBox A6. It seems like this works well without any tape or other magic, and doesn't melt during the print.


You can see that PLA is coming out well, and even geometric shapes are just fine (the box fits together with just the right amount of clearance).

The production spool holder worked out well. I show putting filament in and out in the video, but you can see it here:tl_files/img/2013_06_15/mb_pp00_side.jpg

Really, overall, just very happy with how the production design has turned out so far and think that it will be a great little printer.

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Comment by MakiBox Member | 2021-06-15


Looks great. Will the final ABS parts be white?

Comment by Stephane BUISSON | 2021-06-15

the Great News I was waiting for 15 months.

Thank to the team.

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-06-15

@Evan - Not sure exactly what colors we will do the production in. Most likely we will do the chassis panels in either clear or a light color and then will need to decide what to do the smaller bits in.

Comment by skyhigh | 2021-06-15

Two questions I have -
1) You mentioned a fan. Is this needed for the LT and if so, how would we add it?
2) You also mentioned that the plastic mounts for the axis would be nice and tight until they wore out. How long would this take to happen and how would we get replacements?

The design looks great by the way, I'm so excited! :)

Comment by Jens Rapp | 2021-06-16

that's really cool :) 0.05mm layers sound really hot.
i'd like to see a bigger comparison pic of the two yodas.

by the way, will there be a fan mount?

Comment by saul Archila | 2021-06-16

A couple Questions if you dont mind, me and a buddy of mine just put in our orderfor the unit. 1. When do you soppose we should see it on our doorstep? 2. How long does is the assembly time on tje unit?

Comment by Kubi | 2021-06-16

Love it, really excited, need to get my S3 Case printed asap :D

Comment by Roy T | 2021-06-16

On the home page, scroll down to the update "last 10 percent". Read it. This is your lead time. Add your shipping time to this.

Assembly estimate is 4 hrs.

Comment by sunghyun kim | 2021-06-16

excited, hope for the best result

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-06-16

@saul - New orders will go out in August. Assembly time from box to first print is around 4 hours.

@Jens & skyhigh - Fan mod has not been designed yet. It would not be something mounted to the moving gantry, but something mounted on the side either on the rear or right hand of the case.

@skyhigh - We don't know exactly what the final usage time is. Based on the wear we've seen from the CNC betas, it could be more or less indefinite (as in, we see very little evidence of wear on the parts).