#MakiBox A6 - More Rigid

2021-07-14 18:52 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 22)

2nd round complete


More test shots, more testing.


This week, we received the updated test shots. Overall, things are looking much better. Just more rigid both in the mechanism and in the overall assembly of the chassis.

Aside from that, we've been chugging along on all the other bits to get to the final production. Instruction manual, final parts procurement, and organizing the production bits.



We've got summer interns in. They are working on doing testing for each filament color, sorting out the ideal settings for each one.

Everyone is pretty excited here to see things start shipping soon. We will update everyone with an email for existing orders when we have their unit slated for production.

Thanks for tuning in, see you next time.

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Comment by Narimaan Valian | 2021-07-14

Just curious, the second to last pic with the different color cubes sitting on what looks like a data table, is that a table of the ideal printing settings like temperature and E-step for each color? If so, will you guys be releasing info like that for each color where it's like "For this color, try starting with folowing settings and adjust from there", or will we be left to experiment and figure that out ourselves? (which is fine either way, just curious)

Comment by Matt Warrillow | 2021-07-14

Jon, you said that you were planning on shipping the 2nd shot versions out will these be going to existing Beta testers or will you be shipping them as general orders.

If you are shipping them out as general orders will they be shipped out on a first come first served basis until production is in full swing or have you any plans to ship them to an area EMEA, APAC, AMER

I am just trying to suss out how long before mine drops my order number was in the 800's so may be a while I guess.

Comment by John Matsukes | 2021-07-14

Looks like they are mostly done and will be shipping soon!

Comment by carl flood | 2021-07-15

so a another few weeks then :-(..... i like your eye to detail but just get you ass shipping them out all ready!!! and all these silly tweaks now can been updated as the Makibox community grows im pretty sure of that. ..Im also sure that if you take much longer your running the risk of a other 3d printer coming to market that will have a bigger area build at the same price

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2021-07-15

So thats what the top of Jons head looks like. Just kidding. Great news though.

Comment by Robert Sturzbecher | 2021-07-15

This is awesome news, I am willing to be a beta tester (would not be the first time)

Comment by Pete Brown | 2021-07-15

Any high resolution versions of these photos?

Comment by Maxim | 2021-07-15

Getting the tension right on the idle wheel sounds pretty important so the filament will be pushed forward or withdrawn predictably. No use shipping prematurely and then have filament jam or slip. I don't believe this particular bit of fussiness can justifiably be called a "silly tweak".
I do believe Jon is pretty well aware that sooner is better in terms of competing with other 3D printers. But premature release of faulty product = bad initial reviews that would be hard to recover from. If he wants to remain in business for the long run, he has to meet some personal minimum standards before release.

Comment by Kristian Blåsol | 2021-07-15


Since you got interns and they are testprinting, maybe you could get them to print som of these wall thinness tests explained here:

STL-file here: http://adrian.onsen.ca/wordpress/wp-content/uploads/2013/03/Thickness_Calibration_D01.zip

It would be nice to see how thin walls it can make, and how it compares to the UP! and (which is the printer tested in the article above).

Thanks, and hope to be able to order my printer in 15 days when my paycheck gets in ;)

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-07-15

@Narimaan - Yep, it will come with the filament and will be published on our filament specs as well. We see pretty consistent output between machines using the same settings, so should be pretty easy to get in the right neighborhood for a print.

@Matt - For the markets we are doing consolidated shipping to, we will do it is batches of 50 or 100, so it will not be all orders to one market and then the next. We will have to see if there is a sane way of sorting the orders by original date, as that generally has been lost between the moves to different systems, so a non-trivial problem.

@carl - We have to balance "just ship it already" with "can I return this thing that doesn't work". At this point, we are only fixing critical issues that we identify and doing final fit and finish work that happens regardless. We are looking at larger volume distribution, but that will only happen if this first round of production works as well as people expect.

@Pete - Yep, I'll try to post some more up soon.

@Maxim - It is one of those things that must happen to ship in bulk, but fortunately we can send out units with CNCd parts to keep things rolling and get feedback on assembly instructions and other bits so that the documentation will be ready for everyone.