MakiBox A6 - Production In Full Swing

2021-11-13 12:03 by Elliott Polk (comments: 23)

Welcome to the box cave...


Unfortunately, there isn't much to say other than we've got gear and pushing them out. Boxes, boxes and more boxes are being packed daily. We're doing about 10 a day mostly due to the limited number of people we have. Thankfully we have a crew of people coming in today to begin helping us box more.

Now.. for the "production porn".
















There aren't any people at this time. I tend to come in early after dropping my daughter off to school. For the first hour, it's typically myself and 2 of the techs. It gets noisey real quick at 9am. Thankfully, we have people that come in early and late so we tend to be working from 10am to 1am (ish). 

We'll have more tracking number out to customers soon. We look forward to seeing more videos and stories about everyone's experience. That's it for now. Time to work and box and ship. Cheers!

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Comment by John DeMita | 2021-11-13

These jpg files are 2mb each and take a long time to download.

Also img files 0095 through 0103 are not loading at all.

Comment by Damjan Djuranovic | 2021-11-13

It's nice to see that there is progress. Have a nice day!

Comment by Jonathan Burne | 2021-11-13

10 a day seems like how many one person should be doing not everyone... how far behind on schedule are you guys?

Comment by Jeff Huggins | 2021-11-13

Looking good Jon

Comment by Rasmin van Kessel | 2021-11-13

Can we expect the production schedule to be updated and new emails being sent?
I doubt the production and shipment of my LT is going to happen this week as announced by email on 25/10.

Comment by Alexander Lee | 2021-11-13

I was wondering about the same thing about my LT and the shipment date :)

Comment by Daron | 2021-11-13

"there isn't much to say" ????
How about answering the question everyone is asking!?!? What is the updated production schedule?

Comment by Jacob Sheldon | 2021-11-13

I believe that I was suppose to get an email over a week ago as I ordered my Makibox bundle in February. What's the new production schedule?

Comment by ptipierre | 2021-11-13

this blog post is a bit frightening, 10 a day ....

Comment by Felix G. (Fprint) | 2021-11-14

Ordered in april 2013. Well, I will not get my Makibox before Christmas, I guess I will have to cancel my order...