MakiBox A6 Production Update

2021-10-28 23:48 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 41)

No time for pictures here.

We are pulling out the stops and getting the production to see piles of boxes going out the door this week (as opposed to just coming in). 

For reference, here is the approximate production windows currently for orders based on the type and original order date.

Prod Date

Oct 31 Mar 2012  
Nov 7 Jun 2012  
Nov 14 Nov 2012 Jun 2013
Nov 21 Jun 2013  
Nov 28 Oct 2013 Oct 2013
Dec 7 Dec 2013 Dec 2013

We will send out a notice email approximately 2 weeks before the target date to let you know your order is queued up. If you think you are supposed to be in a production slot and did not receive a notice yet and it is less than 2 weeks, please send email to

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Comment by Folke Schwinning | 2021-10-29

Thanks so much Jon! This really helps a lot of people. Are you in time or were there any more minor schedule slips?

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-10-29

We are doing what we can to hold the schedule. The current supplies are going to be cutting it close for some deliveries, but we will do what we need to generally keep the schedule as close as possible to this.

I'll post up a pretty picture blog post later this week and get everyone up to speed on how the week is going.

Comment by Roy T | 2021-10-29

Are the prod dates when shipping starts?

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2021-10-29

yaaaaaaaaaaahooo yeow lookin good

Comment by GR0B | 2021-10-29

if we order only consumables/filament what is the lead time? Now that I know when my Makibox is shipping I want to stock up on heaps of filament.

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-10-29

@Roy T - More or less. Our target is to ship before that date if possible, but when dealing with hundreds of boxes, we may get some delays with paperwork or other things that just take some time to get them out the door. We are attempting to prepare things in advance as much as possible, but the next two weeks will be full of seeing what the pain points are and then fixing them to get things efficiently going.

@GROB - If you are planning to order filament, it would be cheaper to do it with the same shipment as your machine. As long as you don't add machines, it would go out at the same time (unless you are ordering half a metric ton). Contact and they can sort out how to either update your current order or would let you do a new order and cancel the previous, but keep your place in line.

Comment by Lewis Moten | 2021-10-29

Glad to see something pop up on the blog about the deliveries. I enjoy seeing the progress and commitment you are putting into them. I would love to see more updates.

Comment by dref | 2021-10-29

I ordered a LT in Feb 2013, should I understand I'm in the "Jun 2013" box ?
Thanks :)

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-10-29

@dref - Yes, you should have gotten a notice already, check your junkmail.

@Lewis - Thanks! We would love to have more time to do more updates too.

Comment by Roy T | 2021-10-30

Lead times for filament are listed in the store.