MakiBox A6 - Production Update Jan 2014

2022-01-29 10:23 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 108)

Catching up on how production is flowing.

Another quick update to hopefully clear up how things are going with production and shipping. Anyone that their orders is marked as packing or in transit, your packages are heading towards you. Our next batch for shipment will be to go back and find any remaining early orders that may have been missed out so far. So, if you have orders from 2012, we will be going back and making sure your orders go out in the next week. There will be a little bit of a delay with shipping arrangements from here, since it is coming up on Chinese New Year, and we have three days of public holidays as well as a reduced number of shipping vessels scheduled for the first half of February. We will get those packages out and on their way as quickly as arrangements can be made. 

All orders that are going out that are currently in paid or production status will receive the D8 driver board and not the Printrboard. For orders that are already in packing or in transit, those have the original Printrboard. 

Based on the current production rate, we expect that most orders will be filled within the next few weeks, and that new orders will be sent out within 4-6 weeks. Our output is around 300 units a week currently, and we are actively searching for additional production workers. We expect that we will be able to increase that after the holidays (just in time to finish the backlog). 

We appreciate your patience with waiting for receiving your machine. Our is a bit backlogged currently, and it would be helpful if everyone just lets us focus on getting your orders out as the additional questions and follow up are only taking the staff away from doing production faster. If your order has been queued for production via a production notice prior to this date, we have it in the production queue. When the status changes to packing, that indicates that the production has completed and it will be sent out within the next week (approximately). We are working to tighten up the time between arranging the finished goods for shipment, and them going out. For the US and EU, we arrange them together to be able to provide the lower cost shipping to you, so there may be a few days of organizing enough units to be shipped in bulk. 

Thanks, we are looking forward to getting the early production orders finished, and appreciate your giving us the space to get that work done. 

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Comment by D | 2022-01-29

The reason why everyone is flooding your mail box is that, you promised us a ship out date, you missed it and you didn't give us any update.

You are not 3D Realms, you are not making duke nukem. No one will take "when it's done" as the release date.

Comment by Adam Emberton | 2022-01-29

My box is still showing "Production" So as I understand it I will receive the new 5D board, My order has been in the "Production" stage for over 2 weeks now. Is this normal because of the backlog? How long is the Production phase supposed to last?

Comment by Zach Morris | 2022-01-29

Jon. I still don't understand how you can tell me publicly weeks ago my unit was made but it still has a status of production now. I have no clue if it's really backed up in shipping or if it was never completed or if there is a problem. If you don't want us to use support how are we supposed to work out potential problems? I have asked support for either a real answer or my money back.

Comment by Jonathon H | 2022-01-29


It isn't like the Chinese new year was unforseen, you really should of made a better effort to get these produced and shipped out... especially considering you outsourced that job to another company.

Do you guys just have no idea how to work with deadlines? Or do you just not care?

You are masters of saying one thing and doing another. If my machines don't arrive by February I will be demanding a refund, you only get so many chances before your customers lose all trust in you.

It is always "just a couple more weeks".

I am so disappointed in Makibox, and reading the comments you can surely see I am not alone.

How about instead of making excuses you give us an honest date of when we can expect our products to arrive.

Comment by Richard Hercher | 2022-01-29

How are you calculating 300/week? As of right now, the store link shows about 508 shipped, which comes to 45 a week (assuming shipments started in October).

I'm not calling anyone out, I'm just not following the math. I know there's been weeks when the ticker has gone up 100, and fully expect I'm misunderstanding the variables, but trying to get my head around that projection is tough.

Comment by Seth Mott | 2022-01-29

My original order was placed on 8/6/2021 and it still shows "Production". i really hope to see that change this week!

Thanks for the update, it is greatly appreciated.

Comment by Johann Boltz | 2022-01-29

LOL you're not fooling anyone with your predictions!
I got my "packing" status on Dec. 21st and according to DPD they received "parcel details" on Jan 24th...
So much for "being shipped within a week...."

Comment by Jon Buford | 2022-01-29

@Johann - As we said, we were working through a backlog of finished product with them, and I just outlined the current status.

@Seth - Thanks, if that is the case it should be one of the ones we are working on scheduling for shipment these days.

@Richard - It is based on the pile of finished boxes in the inventory right now and the production rate we are seeing. I understand that you are going based on the shipped units, but there are piles of a lot of key components that we have been building up for the last week that equals to that.

@Jonathan H - Please see the above for the timing of the production.

@Zach - Your order is in the queue if you have received a production date. We are working through that as quickly as we can, and the schedule is as outlined above. Our request is to let us focus on the production instead of sending multiple emails to CS, which simply means that there is more coorespondence to keep up with and ultimately delays the overall production if there are changes in active orders that must be double and triple checked prior to sending. So, you can see how just letting us get the boxes out will be the best direction.

@D - We gave production target dates. That was for when we were slating the production and we are attempting to hold as close to that as possible.

@Adam - it depends on where is the production queue you are. We are working through it as quickly as we can while maintaining the quality.

Comment by gysegom anthony | 2022-01-29

bonjour je suis Mr gysegom anthony voila j ais passe une commande le 21 janvier 2014 pour une imprimante 3d makibox a6 lt avait vous bien reçu le paiement car je vais sur le site internet pour suivre ma commande mais il n y a rien et si possible me mettre la notice de l imprimante 3d en français et dans combien de temps je la recevrais merci cordialement

Comment by Jon Buford | 2022-01-29

@Gysegom - For new orders there is around a 6 week lead time, as stated in the product page.