MakiBox A6 - Quick Update

2021-12-23 01:59 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 45)

Keeping everyone updated.

The last weeks production, we have 121 MakiBoxes going out and we had around 100 the week prior. This will be updated tomorrow in the shipping counter and also in people's order status. 

A batch of close to 1000 orders have been queued for production. This includes everything but the EU and US standard shipping methods. Those will scheduled for production and shipment as we confirm the routing we are going to use for those.

So, we are keeping up with the production targets we set for the last two weeks, and are working on seeing how we can expedite the production more and pull in the windows we are sending out to people right now. 

Have a great holiday, the MakiBox team will be working for most of it.

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Comment by Erich Fahrenholz | 2021-12-23

So if you ordered standard shipping, your place in line is moot?

Comment by Stefan Lazic | 2021-12-23

Nice to see an update :)

Shame I had to order a makibox with standard shipping . Have to wait a bit longer.

Just out of interest , when would i be looking at getting my makibox (order id 3593)

Comment by John Logajan | 2021-12-23

You have to remember that express shipping costs an arm and a leg.

Comment by Stuart Lee | 2021-12-23

That seems very unfair.
Effectively if you paid for express shipping then you obviously expect to get priority for shipping, but this decision means that you get priority for production as well.
Not only that, but at the current shipping rate of around 100 a week, it's going to be another 2-3 months before you even start looking at the poor second-class orders for standard shipping - like mine.
Comparitively speaking, I have not been waiting very long for my LT order (end of September '13), but it sounds like I might be waiting for another 6 months at this rate.
Surely it would have been fairer to prioritise the standard shipping production as they take longer to ship? That way, it would have perhaps evened out such that everybody got their order around the same time, rather than penalising those who couldn't, or wouldn't, afford the express shipping.

Comment by Alex Triano | 2021-12-23


That is ridiculous to think they give priority to those who paid less. Be sensible. I am upset as I ordered standard as well, but I would not expect them to ship mine before express.

I think the most democratic would be to ship in the order the payments were received, but oh well. I have waited since March and unfortunately cancelled my Qu-BD order thinking Makibox was near full-production.

Comment by Janice Galeckas | 2021-12-23

As someone who supported this project in the first 300 before it was fully funded and have stuck it out all this time, in my opinion those 300 should have been shipped before any additional orders went out. But I'll sit here and keep impatiently waiting with the other early adopters to get my unit, even though we have been pushed back in the queue. It is disappointing that that we are being penalized because Makibox waited until the 11th hour to explore shipping options for the US.

Comment by dan obelix | 2021-12-23

Good that they added an update but "This includes everything but the EU and US standard shipping methods". Doesn't that include most orders? How many orders are in the queue? Is it really that hard to just come out and say it?

Comment by anthony m | 2021-12-23

welll, looks like ill have to wait even longer, i probably should have bought a printrbot. it looks less reliable and its more expensive but at least i would get it. i would try to get a refund but i seriously doubt that is gonna happen so i figure my already spent money is better off waiting for a makibox to arrive than sitting in store credit doing nothing so i guess i will continue waiting for god knows how long...disappointment

Comment by Andy Castille | 2021-12-23

I'd love to help, but I live in the US, a bit too far to volunteer.


Comment by anthony m | 2021-12-23

i feel a little stupid for believing that i would get a 3d printer for $200...too good to be true