#MakiBox A6 - Shipping Update

2021-07-24 23:04 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 44)

We gotta move it move it.


(Not full size, actual size is letter size per page of the left manual, and A2 size for the sheet on the right.)

This is it, the home stretch!

We know that everyone is getting antsy to get that notification that you have a box waiting for you. We are shipping out the last of the second test shot units over the next week, and then will start shipping again as soon as the third test shot (and hopefully final shot) comes in around the end of July or very early August. 

Assuming that is ready to roll, we will immediately get the first 1000 boxes of plastic cranked out and start on the production ramp up in earnest. 

So, what has been going on these days. Well, obviously things like the instruction manual (shown in minature above). Yes, the whole build manual fits onto 14 steps. 

We have also been running final tests on the important bits, especially the hot end, to ensure that we are ready to ramp up. 

The lab is buzzing lately, with a few interns in for the summer and everyone is ready to ship.

On the software side, we are about to wrap up an updated store, which is the beginning of an updated site that will help tie everything together better and to give everyone much better control and visibility of their orders.

We will start notifying people as we line up your production time, so expect to see that over the next two weeks as we arrange the ramp up schedule. 

Thanks everyone for hanging in there and being a great community. We are all looking forward to seeing the unboxings and what you do with your MakiBoxes.

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Comment by Russ Taber | 2021-07-24

Sample peek of the manual looks gorgeous! I love the built-in ruler.

Comment by Alex Harber | 2021-07-25

Go Team Makibox!

I think my first print might be your logo :)

Comment by Chas Fries | 2021-07-25

Would it be possible to get an email notification to finalize our order before it ships? I might need to make some changes to mine.

Comment by Roy T | 2021-07-25

Good to hear! I hope we can get a show on building the production version soon to go along with the printed words. Maybe this time Jon can set a new build time record!

Comment by Zach Morris | 2021-07-25

Awesome news! Looking forward to the next updates. Looking forward to making some cases for my embedded systems projects. (Though more than likely my wife will have me use all my filament on doll parts)

Comment by Gmo H | 2021-07-25

This is getting exciting...

My son has now got the 3D printer bug and is constantly telling me that he will use his allowance to buy one.

As soon as I hear the makiboxes are shipping I'll order one for him and let him put it together. It'll be interesting to see if the instructions are clear enough for an 11 year old to put it together with minimum assistance.

Normally he would be busy practicing his gymnastics (he was level 5 Southern California Floor Champ and all around champ at the Vitally Scherbo invitational in the 2012 season) but a nasty accident this past May put him out of the gym for good, now he has the time to build circuits and get his geek back on... So it would be nice to get it for what's left of the summer for him to build it but realistically I think this may be his (and mine) Christmas present.

Comment by Guy | 2021-07-25

I am so excited right now.

Comment by Roy T | 2021-07-25

Actually, the booklet size is kinda cute. Maybe offer an online version of it we can print out?

Comment by Mauro Manco | 2021-07-25

great great ! ...think my 6 year old son can assemble it! Lego is more complex :)
ps my son wait makibox too...and just learn design with tinkercad ;D!!
GO Go go go makibok!

Comment by Frank Ribitch | 2021-07-25

I am moving in a week. How can I update my shipping address to ensure delivery?