#MakiBox A6 - Sloppy Firsts

2021-11-10 08:48 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 2)

First structured ooooooze!

It has been a long week, and we finally have the system starting to work to put molten plastic down in a regular pattern. 

I'll get some pretty pictures up later, but here are a couple of videos to keep you busy. 

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Comment by Tave | 2021-11-10

I think old users are being prevented from creating/replying to topics on the forums. (Maybe not for other users, but definitely for myself)

Anyways...I'm super excited about the new videos and the prints, but I was wondering why you were printing from a spool, especially if the pellet extruder was working now

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-11-10

@Tave - If you have specific problems that come up, and can't post them to the forum, perhaps just send email to bugs@makible.com with the detail of what's happening. There are a lot of settings we still need to fine tune on the site. Permissions are a little more fine with this system, so takes some adjustment.

I'll go through the full explanation later, but the short is that it looks like the system will be able to handle both pellets and standard filament. We hit another snag with using the pellet extruder to drive the full system, and see that it will be prevent us from shipping this year if we don't sidestep it. The extruder works to produce filament just fine, and the printer can print just fine. To get there, we had to add a separate filament drive motor, so for testing the printing, it is better to just use pre-spooled filament. We will need to do one final integration for the pellet extruder as an on board filament production method, which will be a slightly different, but more simple, integration.

So, short answer, we have a separate filament drive motor now, so it is easier to test using spooled filament.