MakiBox A6 Update - And they keep coming

2022-03-14 22:32 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 162)

just a quick bump

Just in case you haven't seen


is the total shipped to date. Yes, we are continuing to hold to our schedule (actually, do more than we promised).

Thank you, The MakiBox Team

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Comment by Todd Woodhams | 2021-06-10

And another thing, the tracking number you have sent is not valid. according to the USPS it isn't even the correct format. I will be contacting PayPal fraud department as well as my states Fraud reporting agency.

Comment by David Prusman | 2021-06-11

I ordered and paid for the A6 HT Black printer on January 21, 2022 !!!!!!!
When can I expect to receive the printer????
Thank you for letting me know.