MakiBox A6 Update - And they keep coming

2022-03-14 22:32 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 162)

just a quick bump

Just in case you haven't seen


is the total shipped to date. Yes, we are continuing to hold to our schedule (actually, do more than we promised).

Thank you, The MakiBox Team

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Comment by Bill | 2022-03-15

Ha ha ha...
My invoice number is just over 13000.

Comment by Todd Woodhams | 2022-03-15

My original invoice number is 629. The Order ID is 835. I originally ordered mine In June. Mine is still showing Production. I have ben told several times now that I should be expecting it anytime. I received notice that it was being made in November, then again in December, and lastly in January. This is now the middle of March and it is still in Production. What Gives? I can understand delays with a start up company. I can even believe that shipping had to be modified due to a new arrangement. But to tell me on 3 separate occasions that I should be expecting it just to be let down again. The only reason I have not asked for a refund is because I have change my credit card since the time I placed my order. At this point I am having a difficult time believing anything that I am being told by these guys.
Come on guys restore my faith and send me my unit already.

Comment by Cris Rowlands | 2022-03-15

You all knew this wasn't gonna be a quick transaction when you ordered it & if you didn't, then that's a little silly.

I had to wait a year & 3 months for mine to appear. Just be patient. If you think yours really most definitely should be there already or have worries about it being lost in the post, email support. They have a lot of emails to go through already, but they /will/ get back to you.

Comment by Kieron Marshall | 2022-03-15

@cris In what why should i have "KNOWN" this wasn't going to be a quick transaction. When I ordered I was given a lead time until production, and it wasn't met. How does it make me silly to think they really didn't mean it?

Comment by Kae Woei Lim | 2022-03-15

So @cris Rowlands was it worth the wait? A year and 3 months... that's a long time.. my order number is #4655. And i was promised delivery on End of January, and then promised again at the end of February.. still no sign...

We bought one with the intent to test and review it and hopefully if it is worth it, ultimately purchase several of these printers to be used in a classroom... I doubt i will be ordering any Makiboxes if it takes this long to deliver. My kids would have gone off and built their own machines by then.

if makibox is only at 1476, does this mean i can expect my shipment in 2 years later in 2016?

I think something needs to be fixed Maki.. 1) either be more realistic about production dates and not over promise delivery date ... 2) find a way to meet demands and increase the speed of production.

Comment by Siu Kay HO | 2022-03-15


But my hot end doesn't work after few minutes. No filament come out and temperature drop down. Sent email to CS without any support for a week...please help...

Comment by Aaron D'mello | 2022-03-15

I'm happy with the Performance in the past few months of the Makibox team they have improved a LOT, Kudos to them.

My Invoice Id is just over 3300 and my order status just changed to "Packing", Hope my status will soon change to "transit". Exciting stuff :)

Good Job Makibox team!.

Comment by Jack Wilkie | 2022-03-15

Don't get too ahead of yourself by saying you did more than you promised, remember you promised that everyone's orders would be fulfilled in October, anyone remember that? Then November, then December, the January,then February...

Get the picture, if anything you should be apologizing for all the waits.

On a more positive note, it's good that everything is finally moving, keep that up

Comment by Arthur Haglund | 2022-03-15

PLEASE Post SOMETHING showing how many orders are WAITING for production, what the order number, invoice numbers mean, as it seems that you are possibly using different starting numbers, based upon location.
In any event, INFORM PEOPLE!!!!!

Comment by Arthur Haglund | 2022-03-15

As of this moment, on this date:
USD $300.00

6-10 weeks lead time
This does not include shipping time

It only takes a real 5 minutes to make a website text change.
Why would you continue to advertise this? It is not true, not close to true and the forseable future does not show it will be true for anyone who reads this, believes it and orders.
BTW, someone blamed ME for not checking the forums. Why should I have to seek disgruntled people? Why should I not be ABLE to trust the company that I gave my money to?