#MakiBox A6 Update - Beta Model Walkthrough and General Update

2022-01-17 16:31 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 12)

CAD Models and Production Planning with a side of Site Improvements

An in depth guided tour of what we are building the betas to and the features to expect in the production boxes.

We are building the parts to the betas now, and have most of the connective components created. This week we will wrap up a few that we make using CNC cut acrylic and next week we will do more using laser cut acrylic. 

In the last couple of weeks we've also been getting some issues with the new store payment processing worked out as well as adding additional shipping options for most places. If you still have exceptional shipping rates, please use the Quote Me selection to finish your order and we will see what we can do. We've gotten about half of the original orders confirmed, so if you haven't yet confirmed your orders because you are waiting on shipping, please at least submit what you would like to order, and we will work with you to find a reasonable shipping amount.

For any other pre-orders that haven't updated your choices by next Monday (Jan 21st), we will start automatically processing your order to be an MakiBox A6 HT with the best shipping method that fits within your credit available. After that, we will start the final production planning and work out the final schedule for all current orders.

The forums now have notifications enabled, so hopefully that will be more useful for everyone. 


One last bit, we started a print the other day and accidentally did a 0.1mm print with the Alpha box and a very unleveled bed (accidentally switched up 0.1mm thickness for 0.1 fill). The results are nice, but we stopped the print since it was going to take forever and we would need to run it with more top layers to make sure that the holes on the top surface came out solid. This is a topographical map of the region around Mt. Everest, so the squiggly contours really show off the details well.

Thanks and looking forward to the betas.

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Comment by Exilaus, Mauro M | 2022-01-17

i want it :) NOW! :) Thanks too much for update Jon and take your time!

Comment by Cris Rowlands | 2022-01-17

I'd love to see how that would have come out in the long term with a level bed. Talking of which, how's things been going with the acrylic printing bed - How's it stacking up against the heated one?

Comment by Caleb | 2022-01-19

Woo! I'm getting excited :-)

Also, having built things that need to be stiff and stay stiff for hte life of the product (devices with loudspeakers), I can say for sure that screws are your friend. Only 60 screws? Add some more! Snaps will fail you in oh so many ways.


Comment by Maxim Hurwicz | 2022-01-19

Jon, I have been having endless problems trying to order so please don't automatically place an order for me! "For any other pre-orders that haven't updated your choices by next Monday (Jan 21st), we will start automatically processing your order to be an MakiBox A6 HT with the best shipping method that fits within your credit available. "
I have been corresponding with Nils who has tried to resolve things but we were ultimately unsuccessful.
He passed it along to "customer service" but that was week ago and I haven't heard back. I wrote customer service today, too.
So please don't assume that just because my order might show "Cancelled" that it is cancelled because that isn't accurate. And don't assume that "On hold" means I haven't tried to pay because I have.
And of course I don't know what you might or might not be assuming I am just a bit concerned about any "automatic" order processing.

Comment by Jon Buford | 2022-01-19

@Maxim - We've got your email, and are working on it. Anyone that has some sort of order in the system won't be assumed to just want the HT. We will also be sending out an email again to each of those folks prior to placing that default order for them.

Comment by Maxim Hurwicz | 2022-01-19

Thanks for the quick reply, Jon.
I do appreciate that setting up on-line commerce is neither as simple nor as flexible as one would like.

Comment by goodan | 2022-01-21

Are you still having problem with PayPal?

I just confirmed my order and paid the extra shipment by PayPal.

PayPal receipt was issued, but when I hit the button to return to makibox.com I got a payment failed error.

My order Status is now "On Hold".

Please check if my order and payment are successful.


Comment by Jon Buford | 2022-01-21

@goodan - Yes, there is still an intermittent error where PayPal doesn't correctly return to our site to activate the purchase, but we periodically run scripts to catch these. Expect to see it updated in the next day. Drop us an email at customer_support@makible.com if you don't receive the confirmation.

Comment by Googlyhead | 2022-01-24

Hi. Hate to pester anyone, but a week ago I emailed the customer_support@makible.com address, and got the automated reply about response within two days, and haven't heard back yet.
Sent from my fastmail.fm address (much_ado) that I used for payment etc. - it was about modifying my order to one with filament.

Comment by Jon Buford | 2022-01-24

@Googlyhead - For some inquiries, we are a little behind, but should get back to you soon. Thanks!