MakiBox A6 Update - Piles of Parts

2021-09-27 19:13 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 21)

Stock is rising.


Wow, this has been a long month! But, look at the results.

We initially were targeting to get all of our components in house by mid September, but supplier fun happened. 

The main culprit was the above hot end heater flex circuits. The three on the right are from one supplier, and then the one on the left is from our second source (we have a third coming as backup). We are doing the testing now and will be able to confirm the final schedule with them on October 2nd after the Chinese National Day holiday. 


Schedule wise, we are targeting to get all the components in to do the next batch of 100 boxes in mid-October, with 500-1000 boxes per week the following weeks after that to clear out the existing orders.





We received the first set of bulk production injection molded parts that will cover the first week and a bit.


The hot end packaging for shipping.


Heated bed packaging for shipping.


We expect that we will be able to confirm the mid-October next production start by early next week after we finish the testing of these parts, and expect that most orders will be going out within that month. 

We are working on the backlog within the system for If you have sent a request to update an incorrect order or requested an order cancellation and refund, it may take a few more days for us to finish getting through the queue that built up during the transition to the new store.

We will start sending out the production confirmation emails next week as we confirm the final schedule for the flex delivery.

Have a good weekend!

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Comment by Aaron Harris | 2021-09-27

looks great! keep up the good work :D

Comment by Pacess HO | 2021-09-27

Well done! But hopes no more delay ^_^

Comment by Ben Farmer | 2021-09-27

How's the pla material going I heard there where a few problems with its concistancy?

Comment by Mauro Manco | 2021-09-27

Black parts is very cool!! Nice job team.

Comment by Roy T | 2021-09-27

Actually, they may be gray, but pretty dark gray, almost black.

Comment by Maxim | 2021-09-28

Pretty amazing to see boxes of parts stacked all over. I do wonder what the small differences were between the flex circuits, but I am glad you are paying attention to each detail. I mean, you aren't just making grilled cheese sandwiches here. Each part needs to fit and function correctly for the whole thing to work and hold up over time.
Thanks again for doing all the hard work for me. Or as my partner would say, "Just for ME!"

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2021-09-28

Thank's Jon, video production looks sharp.

Comment by Frank Mizzi | 2021-09-28

YAY J.B, 300 good target, I will be still waiting I guess but that's unavoidable, I just think of the others that will get theirs before I do, lucky bastards.

Weekend so no packing, so about a week to start to get to the post/courier, then about another week for that and customs, so possible to have them up and running in about 3 to 5 weeks at customers plug in.

Comment by Roy T | 2021-09-28

A little premature, a little wishful thinking, but maybe, maybe, in some lucky customer hands by end of Oct.

Comment by Andreas Kerchner | 2021-09-28

Thanks for the update.. Well done.