MakiBox A6 Weekend Update Teaser

2021-12-09 04:22 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 10)

A quick glimpse of what is to come.

More to come, here is the video for starters.

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Comment by Jack Absetz | 2021-12-09


Comment by Arnold Muller | 2021-12-09

Looking great! Let it cool quicker with a desktop fan or rather just leave to cool naturally?

Comment by Evan | 2021-12-09

Cool! Great to see it all coming together.

Have you done a print with the Makibox in "complete" form (ie heated build space rather than just heated print bed)?

Comment by Googlyhead | 2021-12-10

Just expanding on that cooling comment:
Assuming you wouldn't want to add to the expense by including one, could you make provision for the addition (mounting points, software control) of a largish PC fan for the purpose of post-run cooling?

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-12-10

I suspect that allowing the 5 minutes or less for it to cool gradually will give you much better dimensional stability. If you forced a large part to cool too quickly, you run a high risk of either warping or taking the part off while it is still flexible.

That said, we do have a fan header on the board and it is enabled with pwm in the firmware (hardware pwm, if I remember correctly). We will likely leave it up to our community to create useful mods and roll the best ones into the main design.

@Evan - So far we just haven't needed the covers, just the structure being compact seems to be enough in most cases. For extreme cases, windy or very cool environments, I suspect they will be useful, and so we are still routing the filament and wires internally. I also expect that it will be useful for a PLA only version without a heated bed.

Comment by camerin hahn | 2021-12-10

First, congrats, it is not at all easy to make it to this point. Launching a product is much harder than most people think. With that being said, is there a time fame for updating the store to generate proper shipping costs. I have been waiting for test print images before ordering, and now I don't want to waste money on extraneous shipping charges, if that can be avoided.

Again congrats I am surprised that you have been able to do so much for such a small price.

Comment by Maxim | 2021-12-10

What camera do you use for shooting your videos?

I ask because I've been hunting around for a camera for a while and your video quality looks good.

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-12-10

It is a Nikon D3100. I would probably consider either the next one up from this or a dedicated video camera. The limitation of this one is you can't connect an external mic and there is a shooting time limit of 10 min. For a general purpose camera, it works well and is cheaper than even the micro four thirds out there. For other shots, I use my Galaxy S III, it takes pretty good photos and videos, and is easier to upload from.

Comment by Ralph Fuhrmeister | 2021-12-11

Hi all in Makibox Land.
I would be very interested to know if your stainless bed plate is brushed stainless or some other finish. I have tried stainless polished and it slips off even hot.
Congatulations on your achievements, I have been watching your site from nearly day 1
Regards to all

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-12-12

It is brushed. Also, we have our own heater layout to even out the heat distribution, which is laminated to the stainless. I don't think just putting a plate over a heated bed will get sufficient heat transfer. Be sure to measure the temp on the stainless to ensure the print area has even temp and it is hot enough.