MakiBox General Update - Awesome Prints, Sad Partings

2021-04-29 22:56 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 11)

Finding focus is good.

tl_files/img/2013_04_29/DSC_1056 (Custom).JPG

It has been a long few weeks here at the lab, but we are getting great results.

Yes, Nils is stepping back and focusing on his own startup. Here are his own words:

As many of you know I, Nils Hitze, have been busy starting my own business 3dDinge, organizing a Maker Faire - the #makemunich - organizing a Hangout about 3d Printing and loads of other stuff. Besides not getting my Beta to print, which i am really sorry for.

Paired with my fulltime job and being a father of five, these things take a lot of time and energy and I think I have to start cutting down a bit and leave things here to my loyal Deputy Matthias Lewen, who some of you may know from the Makibox Beta Adventures or as justMaD from the forums and IRC.

Starting today, Matthias will take full command as Community Manager of Makible Ltd. on G+, Facebook, Twitter, the Google Groups and the Forums.

I leave my legacy in capable hands. Oh and i will keep a copy of the Banhammer - so don’t screw around.

So, to make a way too long story short, it was a fun ride, I wish Jon, Felix, Elliott and the Team all the best and I am really looking forward to see the first few 1000 delivered Makiboxes in the Wild.

Kind Regards


Nils has been an amazing first fanboy of the MakiBox from the beginning, and really helped to keep things peaceful so we could focus on the R&D we needed to do. We will really miss having him on the team.

As Nils mentioned, we have Matthias to step in and take over to keep the peace in the community. Matthias is one of our awesome beta testers on the g+ MakiBox Beta Adventures, and I think will be a great addition to the team as a tester, developer, and advocate.

OK, so, more pictures of the prints we've been getting out of Beta 00 and 02.

tl_files/img/2013_04_29/DSC_1057 (Custom).JPG

tl_files/img/2013_04_29/DSC_1058 (Custom).JPG

tl_files/img/2013_04_29/DSC_1061 (Custom).JPG

tl_files/img/2013_04_29/DSC_1062 (Custom).JPG

tl_files/img/2013_04_29/DSC_1063 (Custom).JPG

tl_files/img/2013_04_29/DSC_1064 (Custom).JPG

We will have more updates soon with final production details and more beta action.

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Comment by Mauro M | 2021-04-30

Nils thanks for all and good luck for your startup! see you on g+ :)

Welcome Matthias ! and thanks for test all updates in this period and in future :)

Comment by Fprint | 2021-04-30

Amazing progress on the print quality front ! Keep up the good work !

Comment by paul jones | 2021-04-30

just a quick note to say that the speach volume was to low at the start. The prints look good.

Comment by camerin hahn | 2021-04-30

So excited, it is really hard to wait. I really want to start printing things today. But you know the cliché, "good things come to those who wait".

Comment by andybox | 2021-05-07

I saw that coming a long time ago. I'm happy to see you finally step out of the way, Nils, though not soon enough with you taking that Beta with all you knew you had going on..

Maybe, with Matthias, someone actually focused and dedicated to Makibox, buyers will now start getting prompt followup emails acknowledging their order, what's in the queue, and updates on THIS SITE including when boxes will hit each of our doorsteps by identifying the batching position of each order.

Welcome Matt and c ya L8R Nils.

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-05-07

@Andy - Separate duties, community manager isn't responsible for customer support directly. We are a small startup and since we are having to support a large volume of inquiries, there will always be a delay until we have more cash flow to hire more people. For those that are too impatient to deal with some delay in communication, they are not our first customers. As far as your request for more information on deliveries, we will be pulling that together here as we ramp up production, and again, does not have anything to do with community management. We will not going to identify each position, but will send out a notice when a particular order is queued.

Comment by andybox | 2021-05-07

Thanks for the clarification or roles, and continuing improvement, Jon.

I think Matthias will turn out to be a good choice, based on what I've seen with his forum activity..

Comment by Matthias Lewen | 2021-05-07

Thanks Andy, I'll try and do my best :)

Comment by Roy T | 2021-05-08

I am sorry if I put words in matthais mouth... But isn't community manager a volunteer position? He still will have a life beyond his beta printer, at least I hope so. Thanks to both Niles and Matthais.

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-05-08

Nope, it is a paid role, but we recruit from within the community. In Matthias's case, he fits in well and will be able to wear several hats as needed.