MakiBox General Update - Time Lines, Current Status, Media

2022-04-03 23:27 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 14)

Syncing Up


It has been a while since our last update. Everything is progressing very well here, and so it has been a bit of a struggle to find time to post up about it.

First off, we've been getting featured in the media a bit lately.

Yes, things like this do cause some delay to our everyday schedule, but it is really good timing for us as a company since we are moving the A6 into production and starting to look at what is next.


We are in the process of sending out the next betas to folks. Here are the components for five more laid out in the space we are forming up for our production.

In terms of betas and production, we are starting the production injection molded tooling for the internal chassis and the little plastic bits that we currently are CNC or laser cutting. This will make the production go faster, be more consistent, and ultimately less expensive. The outside panels are the same between the betas and the final production, and will remain laser cut.

The current schedule is dependent on the tooling, which will be done late April, early May. Once we get that, we will be immediately ramping everything up, so the weeks before that will be getting the other components ready to be able to start production smoothly. With something like this, typically we would start with around 100 per day, and then ramp up from there, so the current orders will be cleared out pretty quickly once we start the final production. 

The tooled up version will also be significantly more simple to assemble than the current beta design, so we expect that the assembly time will go down to under 4 hours for most everyone. 

We will be able to work on the Ramen and Scribble next after finalizing the MakiBox A6 production design, so it may be possible that those will all ship together, as the others are very small and don't have many parts. 

We are sponsoring the next Startup Weekend Hong Kong, and will have some betas there for people to test new business ideas on during the weekend. Another post with more details will be up soon.

Thanks for everyone in being a part to help us get to this point, we are very excited about what is coming up.

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Comment by Roy T | 2022-04-04

Argh...I am squirming impatient for details on prod. Model. Internal chassis now plastic? Wasn't it acrylic before? I want my design walthrough now! :)

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2022-04-04

Exciting times. Hope you get some time to sleep and recover to.

Comment by Adam Diekmann | 2022-04-04

"We're not optimizing on quality because we think there's actually room for 'good enough,'" said Buford.

That quote... :/

Comment by Roy T | 2022-04-04

Forgot to say congrats on having link on homepage. You're famous, at least for today.

Comment by Maxim Hurwicz | 2022-04-04

There are some jobs that are never "done". In my household I have almost outlawed the term "done" as whenever someone utters it, it brings to mind the hundred and one little things that could have made it perfect. I have been humbled enough that "good enough" has become the byword. And it usually turns out good enough is pretty damned good. And once in a while someone says something is perfect, and that's when I say "Perfect will have to do."

Comment by Jon Buford | 2022-04-04

@Roy T - Acrylic is plastic, although a bit on the fragile side. The new material is ABS, which will be a better match. I think the Bloomberg coverage was more significant. We were on global television on the hour for a day. :)

@Adam - I think the important thing to keep in mind is that we are designing for a good user experience. If you make something over designed in this context, either it is too expensive or has too many features. We are trying to ride the line of making the performance on par with offerings in the same market, but reduce the complexity and cost.

Comment by David Finnerty | 2022-04-05

Nice work getting into mainstream media. Important for us if we want this tech to survive in the long run.

But also dying to get the Printer so get to work ;-)

Comment by Adam Diekmann | 2022-04-05

Nah, I've been invested and following this for the past year and completely understand what the makibox is out to accomplish. It's just that quote smack in the middle without much context seems a bit off putting to those new to the scene. Anyways, keep cracking and get those boxes out, I'm getting antsy :)

Comment by David Finnerty | 2021-04-08

Cool. Really can't wait for the box to ship.

How many Betas are shipping? Any to the North East USA?

Comment by Adolph Smith | 2021-04-22

Hi. Will pay tommorow via paypal. Tell me do i get anay software with.