#MakiBox A6 - New Store, New Model

2021-12-25 00:50 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 23)

LT, HT, and Ramen


Happy Holidays! We have a new store and new products for the holidays. $200 starting price for our new LT version of the MakiBox A6.

The LT has a frosted acrylic printing surface, so is suitable for PLA or other lower temperature materials, and uses a smaller power supply than the HT. 

We also have the Ramen (our filament maker) up for pre-order. We will wait for a little while to post up the Scribble.

If you already have an existing order in, you should have gotten an email to have you confirm your final order details on the new store here on MakiBox.com. If we don't hear back from you in the next two weeks, we will assume a default MakiBox A6 HT and will add additional material as the shipping cost allows.

This gets us ready to line up the production for after the Beta units go out. The current plan is to cut the first Beta units this week after the holiday and will do more the next week. We will shift over to production units shortly after that. We will see where the general trend is with the updated orders and start the planning according to what people are ordering. We have driver boards and power supplies for most of the orders in stock, but we use different supplies for different models, so will confirm the lead times once we can confirm the order variation.

Thanks again for being a great community, and looking forward to 2013 with the MakiBox Team.

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Comment by Dave Finnerty | 2021-12-25


I love this came in today. Makes my holiday a little nicer (Knowing I will get to order the gift i really want this Christmas.)

Have a great holiday and thanks for all the hard work.

I am thinking A6+ Filament maker but will decide later today after making it back from shopping.

Comment by Thomas Lightfoot | 2021-12-25

Very cool Jon and crew, I will be filling out my order ASAP.
Happy Holidays to all

Comment by Palma Zazzaretta | 2021-12-25

I have buy that! i have send an e-mail to address support@makible
about the shipping.....but why in my account the order isn't show?
sorry for bad language....thx all

Comment by Palma Zazzaretta | 2021-12-25

I have buy that! i have send an e-mail to address support@makible
about the shipping.....but why in my account the order isn't show?
sorry for bad language....thx all

Comment by Palma Zazzaretta | 2021-12-25

Oh sorry.... happy holidays and happy new years!!!

Comment by Imran Peerbhai | 2021-12-25

Woo-hoo! Question: Does the A6+Ramen bundle come with any pellets, or just the assorted color filament?

Comment by Exilaus | 2021-12-26

nice version LT!! ok for no hotbed but and little power supply but no see any hotend in description is included or not?

happy finish xmas and happy new year.

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-12-27

@Palma - No worries, we are getting things sorted out and there may be some markets that we need to get improved shipping worked out as well.

@Imran - We initially just were putting filament, since I figured it might be easier for folks to specify which material they prefer for pellets or they may have a local source they want to use.

@Exilaus - Yes, hot end is included. Check out the store details for more info.

Comment by Edworthy | 2021-12-28

Hey Jon, any further update on shipping prices?

I am being quoted $158 to ship my order to Australia which seems excessive when I can get an online quote from Hong Kong Post for a 10kg Multipack via Speedpost for just under $100. Regular Airmail for the same 10kg is approx. $80. That isn't taking advantage of any bulk mail rates. Have you checked out any of the freight companies like Flytexpress.com for their bulk rates?

My order was placed in February and the cost included shipping but now, even with the $50 credit, I'd still have to pay extra to get what I originally ordered.

Am just a bit confused as it had been stated by Nils in the November 14 Makibox blog post that the shipping would stay the same for the original orders and there was a comment by you stating;

"For the original orders before now, they will be receiving an email with options, and are getting more than the base line unit does and will have choices if they want filament or pellet. This is to thank them for their early support."

If that is right then my account must have some further bugs because I never received that email.

OK well I know there are some teething issues but hopefully I can place my order soon. Thanks Jon!

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-12-28

@Edworthy - We are currently working on a lower cost shipping method for Australia. It will take a few days for us to check the different options and to update the system.

Can you check your junk mail for the email, we did send out one to all the existing supporters? Either way, you already have an account here on the new site, so let us know if your credit doesn't show in the checkout total. Many people used different emails for ordering than for the forum, so we can help merge accounts if needed.