MakiBox Production Update - Farming out the packout.

2021-12-03 22:16 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 50)

Divide and conquer.


We are up to our eyeballs in filament and printer assemblies here at the lab. We have made a lot of progress on getting the production moving along at a reasonable rate, but found that we were being limited by both space and focus.

On one hand, we have the core assembly of prime parts, such as the hot end, hot bed, limit switches, and motors that must be done here. On the other hand, our approach was to also do the packout and shipping from here, but we hit a ceiling that was limiting our overall production output rate. Having to switch roles was just killing the overall output, so we recognize we need to be able to focus on just doing the production itself for now.

Enter our partner for packing and shipping. Now that we have a good grip on what points we can do in a reasonable time, we are working with a fulfillment partner locally here to handle the packout and shipping for everything. Part of this will involve a handover of our existing inventory, which will take a little bit of time (a couple of days), and the other part will consist of getting some longer term options for shipping set up so that we can expedite all of our deliveries in a cost effective way. 

The good news, those of you that opted for surface post, we are working on faster but same cost options for all markets. Because they are going to take less time to ship, but will take a few weeks to get set up (a net arrival time that is the same or sooner), we are going to expedite the express shipments first in the queues and then send the surface post ones as we have the new service available to send via. So, basically, everyone will receive their boxes sooner than they would otherwise. 

Doing this, we will be able to increase our output from around 50-100 a week, where it is currently, to closer to 100-200 or more a week with the existing staff. We are also looking to hire an additional two technicians for doing the assembly work on the most time consuming parts: hot end, hot beds, power connection boards, and limit switches. By doing this, we should be able to reach our target of 500 or more a week of output, as this is the limitor due to having to be done by more skilled and trained labor.

There will be a short time where the shipping will stop, but we will be continuing to produce parts, and then you will all see more being sent out as we send the completed component boxes over to the warehouse for packing and shipping. We currently have around 50 kits waiting to be sent and these will go out as soon as we are able to get the initial handover to out partner done this week.

We all appreciate that you all have been very patient with this process, and we think this is what it will take to be able to increase the production output to what we should be doing. We will have some other great news coming up in the next week, so stay tuned. 

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Comment by kenneth rooks | 2021-12-03


Comment by Mats Johansson | 2021-12-03

Well, that does it for me.
Now i am going to wait additional time because my shipping option. So some random dude that order a printer today with expedited shipping will get it before me because i have standard shipping option, never mind that i waited almost a damn year.

This whole project is a joke.Jon, be smart and remove the makibox logo from the printer so you can rename the company once you actually got a working printer to ship to people. Nobody who ever research anything will order one.

Comment by Mats Johansson | 2021-12-03

I am also curious how you get 50-100/week.
You shipped 97 printers according to the site during the past 6 weeks when shipping started?
That makes it... almost 20/week and now you will stop shipping, followed by holidays etc.

Comment by Folke Schwinning | 2021-12-04

As a final reminder,

Don't ignore us.
It has been said a bazillion times.

Comment by john knudsen skøtte | 2021-12-04

can you give an update on when who wil get his printer send?

Comment by Kieran Stone | 2021-12-04

Well done for spotting the Problem and addressing it. Manpower + Space was always going to be a problem for you. Hopefully you can now move on.

I would suggest you get your head down and get some boxes out though, couriers are already getting the Christmas rush and you have CNY around the corner.

(when I say get some boxes out, I mean send mine at a minimum). Pref before the end of next week.

Comment by Dave Rosborough | 2021-12-04

I have been lurking for quite a while, feeling like people were "piling on" unfairly while Maki gets their act together. Now I'm not sure what to think.

The "around 50-100 a week" line seems to be patently untrue (assuming that the figure of 97 shipped is accurate), unless he means "we got two packed in the last hour, so multiplying by 40 hours gives our current rate". At the same time, farming out packing is going to come (presumably) at significant cost, especially when you've already hired staff to do the packaging in-house. I'm worried, given that this is a bare-bones unit in terms of pricing, and you're already seemingly facing a lot of pressure in terms of providing refunds. Presumably new orders are slower than they would be if the printer were actually shipping. Just wondering at what point the company is going to fold, taking my (employer's) money with it...

Comment by najib | 2021-12-04

Some people are really acting like spoiled brats here. This consumeristic mentality really has to go.

Yes I have placed an order, yes it has been almost a year ago now, do I feel ripped off? NO! I've seen where this printer came from, from the very start and enjoyed the path very much.
People have gone mad from what Jon has managed to pull of and is still doing everyday so how about you stop complaining, shut the hell up and wait for your box like the rest of us...or if you want to remain butt soar about it just ask for a refund and go buy yourself an overpriced overglorified makerbot. However I doubt the Stratasys CEO will answer your complaint messages personally too.

Comment by Gr0b | 2021-12-04

So will we get emailed updated ETAs?

Comment by Douglas Rector | 2021-12-04

I don't remember what shipping I paid for, but my invoice says speedpost multipack, and the shipping is $116 for 1 printer and 3 kg of pla. Is that express or standard, anyone know?