#MakiBox - T3 Check and Production Update

2021-08-10 22:21 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 35)

Gearing up for full speed ahead.


Looking very good, and no big issues with the T3.

We will be doing some small changes, but it looks like we are clear to head to production as the next step without any further testing required.


Today we made short videos of each assembly step. These will be posted soon. There are a few updates that we are making to the assembly manual, mostly some small mistakes or re-ordering the steps or updating parts for the final production version.


The production looks similar to the T2 and T1, except that we've had the molds polished and the MakiBox logo put on a few places.


The MakiBox logo in the rear of the print chamber.


The cover for the hot bed electrical connections.

And, of course, a video:

So, we will be sending out more units over the next week from this last test shot batch, and then the next batch will be production units. The main difference will be the small plastic parts will be in a 70% gray. 

Good stuff, and more on the horizon. Thanks everyone for being a part of getting us this far!

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Comment by Erich Fahrenholz | 2021-08-10

Sounds good to me, Jon. Keep up the good work!

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2021-08-11

So the aim is to be shipping in a week or so? It looks good; I can't wait to get the "First shipment went out today" update.

Comment by camerin hahn | 2021-08-11

That looks..... awesome. much better than I expected, much latter than I expected. but pick two (soon cheap or nice)

Comment by Roy T | 2021-08-11

I like this look better than the unpolished. Am I crazy or did the acrylic outer panels get some polish too?

Comment by Jack Wilkie | 2021-08-11

ohhhhhh, so close...

Comment by Nathan Davis | 2021-08-11

I'd say this is the most exciting update yet!

Comment by Jonathan Burne | 2021-08-11

Too keen to get started printing! Keep up the good work guys!

Comment by Maxim | 2021-08-11

I'm with you, Roy. I also really like the see-through back panel. And it's especially cool seeing the Makibox logo floating there.

Comment by Zach Morris | 2021-08-11

Awesome. The logos look great.

Comment by Guy Wickenden | 2021-08-12

Ohhhhh man!! My excitement levels are near bursting point!!