MakiBox Update - More to come next week.

2022-01-24 21:58 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 16)

Production is still moving along. We are shipping out more units and following our production schedule that we laid out. Shipping is still lagging a bit as we overwhelmed that part of the machine with the piles of boxes we started producing over the Christmas holiday and since, so things have been a bit of a scramble to keep up. We understand everyone wants a lot of information, updates, and other things, but we would like to focus right now on getting the existing production done. Thanks for giving us the space to work instead of having to follow up with massive questions. You can look forward to a longer, detailed announcement on Monday. Thanks! 

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Comment by prignon yves | 2022-01-24

MakiBox Customer Support replied:
Hi Yves,

We just noticed that there is a bug in the ordering system and the part for import tax is incorrect.

Right now the calculation is:

Order Subtotal: : $450.00
Import Tax: 19% = $85.50
Shipping (EU Standard Shipping): = $58.05
Order Total: : $593.55

***According to the EU import regulation, the 19% should be AFTER shipping cost.

Thus, the correct calculation should be:

Order Subtotal: $450.00
Shipping (EU Standard Shipping) $58.05
Import Tax: 19% = ($450 + $58.05) *19% = $96.53
Order Total: $604.58

Hence, there is a difference of: $604.58 - $593.55 = $11.03

However, since the system is locked, we couldn't issue the PayPal invoice to settle the balance since it will make confusion for the payment record.
Therefore, in this way, you are suggested to make a new order with the same items as below, that we will cancel the old order and issue the credits 593.55 + 50 = 643.55 (since ramen bundle is not selling anymore, we give extra 50 to you for buying both HT & extuder) to you to pay for the new order, balance to be paid by PayPal.

A6 HT Stainless Steel 1
MakiBox Ramen Pellet Extruder 1

After that, we will amend your new order priority in queue.

Comment by Matthias Lewen | 2022-01-24

No need to post that everywhere now.
We're just double checking past orders right now, and there are still a few that we missed last time.

In order to produce a proper invoice for shipping and having "clean" data, this unfortunately has to be done this way.

Comment by prignon yves | 2022-01-24

April 2013

APR 29, 2021 | 06:43AM UTC
Sarah Tong replied:
Hi Yves,

Thank you for your email.

Regarding our delivery schedule, our plans are to start shipping orders send out in May. Our target quantity is 100 kits per week, and we are trying our best to send out as many units as we can. This is only our estimation and we start sending out the Betas already. But there is not a clear picture until the mass production has actually commenced. There might be some situations that we have not account into. We will keep our supporters updated as soon we have a more concrete schedule.

Thank you again for your patience and support.

Best Regards,
The MakiBox Team

Comment by Adam Diekmann | 2022-01-24

As much as I hate posting questions here, it seems to be the spot that actually gets attention. Anyway, my order shipped out the 19th with supposed to be speedpost. When I checked the tracking number a few days ago, turns out it wasn't shipped by speedpost but rather what I guess is standard shipping and is sitting awaiting until February 1st to be loaded on what I presume to be a boat. I shot CS an email already but it sits unanswered.

It'd be nice to have some sort of clarification on how exactly the printer plans to get here since I haven't a clue since it's not taking the $102 route I paid for.

Comment by Zach Morris | 2022-01-25

Thanks for the update. This at least explains how my unit could have been made a few weeks ago but not yet shipped.

Comment by Kevin Klika | 2022-01-25

While it's nice to see another post after a month of silence... once again it's a "jeez, let us work" post.
I want my makibox, but it seems to be eternally one month away from shipping... :(

Comment by Jonathon H | 2022-01-25


I hope realize the wording of this post implies you are somehow bothered and/or offended that your customers, who you know, gave you hundreds of dollars would like occasional updates about the products they purchased.

No one is asking daily updates, or even every week, but it has been a month (midst more failed deadlines) without so much as a word from Makibox...

You don't feel you owe your customers any kind of update? Really? Do your customers mean so little that you can't take 15-20 minutes out of your day to give them an occasional idea of how things stand?

If you go back through your comments on these posts you will realize that your customers have been posting their correspondence with customer service. Why? It's because your lack of an update puts all of us in the dark, forcing us to rely on each other for information.

You have customers that want to embrace and support the Makibox, don't ruin that because you can't be bothered to take a few minutes to jot down the occasional summary of how everything is coming along...

Comment by Andy Castille | 2022-01-25

Read the Google+ update:

"Sorry for the radio silence everyone.
We've been working hard on getting caught up with the production and had to cope without Jon for a while due to illness.

Our CS has been swamped with hundreds of requests in the past days with everyone wanting to know their status.
Since we haven't automated the data exchange with our fulfillment partner yet, we can't give you a 100% certain answer, whether your order has been processed and shipped yet.
The system has to be updated manually and only a few people have access to the data, so it takes a while to update everyone.

The same goes for a few refund cases, where the order is already in "production" or even "packing" state.
This late in the process, a refund isn't that straight forward to process, because the order might well have been shipped already.
We're trying to clear those up as fast as possible.

There will be a detailed blog post about the current state of production around Monday."

Comment by Richard Hercher | 2022-01-26

Why do they post completely different things in different outlets? Their primary mouth piece, the front page of their own website gets an update teaser after a month of nothing. Their own forums are mostly a swarm of angry bees, such that the team barely goes their anymore (it just stirs up the bees!). The google+ Page is being spammed by some cheapskate who's screaming about paying taxes. They really needs someone on communications here (and I apologize because that's the third time I've said it).

Comment by prignon yves | 2022-01-26

"by some cheapskate who's screaming about paying taxes" It is not about paying taxes, it is an error in the tax calcul and a mail saying that the printer will not be send till the difference is paid. Then when you try to pay the difference you see that it is not only a question of taxes it is a difference of 70$ to add just to get the stuff you paid a year ago... Screaming an cheapskate do not apply in this context. (Read the mails then you will understand) Pay more to get your stuff or we cancel your order (ho yeah and to pay the diffrence we ask you to pay your printer a second time we might reimburse you later)