MakiBox Update - Orders Updated, Ready for Review

2021-09-13 16:47 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 49)

Cascades of code.


We've completed the migration to the new store system, and are ready for you to check your account and make any changes to your order before we lock them for production on Tuesday the 17th.

What you see above is one of the bodies of code that we used to import and modify the data from the previous store system. We've gone through the data, and think that most everyone should see the correct orders, credit, and other bits, but we need you to double check your own orders to verify it is correct. 

What to do? Log in to the store and check your order. Please note that the date and the order number has changed, but your priority in the queue is unchanged. If you see something that is missing or doesn't look right, please contact 

At this same time, you should also be able to update your order if you want to change the material included or add other bits. As long as you don't add additional printers, you can keep your priority in the queue. To update your order, you will need to cancel it first, which will give you store credit. Create a new order with your revised selections, and check out (the credit is not applied automatically. Make sure you check the checkbox during checkout). You can contact to put in the original date of your previous order so you keep your status in line.
(You won't see this represented in your account, but the change will be saved internally!)

On Tuesday, we will start to switch the orders to freeze them for production. If there are changes that need to happen after that, please contact (see a trend here?).

We are still waiting for a few more of our suppliers to confirm when the deliveries will happen for the production goods, as we said in our last post. We will wait until we have a solid date for each component before announcing the final schedule. 

We've gotten though this hurdle, and looking forward to starting the production soon. 


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Comment by Dan Neely | 2021-09-13

Where is the option to cancel my existing order? I can see it if i go to manage orders, but the when I click the details link it shows the order along with the text "your order cannot be modified" and the invoice link is entirely non-interactive.

Comment by Abdulla Kamal | 2021-09-13


I just placed my order two hours ago, should I change anything?

Kind Regards.

Comment by Alexander Kjelby | 2021-09-13

If it is not working, try to log out, press Ctrl + F5, then log in again. Worked for me! :D

"your order cannot be modified" changed to "Cancel order"

Comment by Dan Schutzner | 2021-09-13

Done; worried that my old order showed as being placed Aug 29th, 2013, instead of Jan 30th 2013... To be expected? Sent an email to the support addy w/ the info.

Comment by Carolus Schrauwers | 2021-09-13

I have ordered 9-07-2013. Now in the new store it is 29 august. Please change it to the original date.

Comment by Roy T | 2021-09-13

As part of migrating the data, the order date and order numbers were adjusted. This does not affect your position in the shipping queue. No need to contact Makible for these items.

Comment by Pensee | 2021-09-14

Done, order loked, priority order in queue fixed.

Well done guys, thx

Comment by Roy T | 2021-09-14

To see your order, login to the store. On the store home page, click login at the upper right and enter your email address and regular password.

Comment by Dean Dobson | 2021-09-14

Seems my order got lost in the transition as there is no record of any order in the new store. Email sent to customer support to fix.

Comment by Tianyu Zhou | 2021-09-14

My order looks fine~ lying there and waiting to be send~^^~ looking forward to receive it~