MakiBox Update - Printing Proof

2021-06-02 17:47 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 21)

Kicking the tires a bit.

We've been working on getting some more high quality test prints out while we are getting the final production preparation together.

As you can see, things are quite good. I think it is likely that most users will be able to do that kind of Yoda out of the box if you level the bed well. Most of these prints are now at 0.1mm layer height. It does make a big difference on certain shapes. But, the downside is that it takes a while longer.

We are back to using Slic3r. Kisslicer seems to be a very good tool as well, but with the new version of Slic3r, it is noticably improved for the output.

As mentioned in the video, we have some awesome updates to 5D Print to show you soon, so keep watching this space.

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Comment by Cris Rowlands | 2021-06-02

Guys, this is incredible.
The output is looking brilliant.
Vast improvement!

Comment by Phy | 2021-06-02

looking good

Comment by Corey Koval | 2021-06-02

Awesome! I can't wait for it to start shipping!

Comment by camerin hahn | 2021-06-03

actually better than I expected for $300. I am really impressed.

Comment by skyhigh | 2021-06-03

Looks brilliant! Can't wait until I get a go with my own... :)

Comment by Nigel Thompson | 2021-06-03

Well done guys, I have the use of a $2500 printer, nowhere near as flexible or capable as this, really looking forward to July (August delivery maybe? No pressure)

Comment by camerin hahn | 2021-06-03

PRESSURE, no seriously I am glad that the product should be worth the wait.

Comment by Mauro M | 2021-06-03

Great output and waiting news for 5dprint :)

Comment by Maxim Hurwicz | 2021-06-03

The output samples look great.
And it is so good to see you so happy!

Comment by Jeffrey Cabrera | 2021-06-03

great stuff can't wait for my own. AWESOME!!!!