MakiBox A6 Update - Production Windows

2021-10-10 20:59 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 49)

One door closes, another opens.


The boxes are piling up. The software is being iterated. It is like a factory or something here.


Our inventory keeps growing as we get the parts in for the production.

At this time, here is our next production schedule:

100 - 10/15-10/31

500 - 10/22-11/7

500 - 11/1-11/14

500 - 11/7-11/21

We will be sending out the confirmation emails to everyone in the next week to confirm which batch you are slated in. The windows are allowing for a week on either side of the production, but we see that everything will be in during that window to ship. Before someone cries "schedule slip", this is the first confirmed schedule, and we will attempt to pull it in, but we want to err on the side of caution with these dates. We are attempting to hit early to mid of each window if possible.


Plastic parts and power supplies, among other things.


Starting to dice up the parts from the sets we get out of the molds.


Building up the production packaging and stamping them.


These are the table supports.


More packaging material and a few other things.


Putting together more sample hot ends for sending out in the mean time.

So, the short story is the flex is sorted and is on its way. We've got all of the other components steadily arriving, and we are working on some prep work prior to the all out production time. 

Over the next two weeks, the space will be transformed from our lab into a full on production factory.

In other news, 5D Print went on a diet and is looking much less resource intensive than the previous iteration. We've also laid out the interface to work on smaller screens, so working with it on a tablet or even a phone will be reasonable.

Everyone here is looking forward to pitching in to get piles of packed MakiBoxes to replace the piles of parts we currently have. This is going to be a busy month!


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Comment by Mauro Manco | 2021-10-10

Great!! Go makible team!

Comment by HO Siu Kay | 2021-10-10

Good job! I hope that it can be arrived before my birthday Nov-07, cheers!

Comment by Kendall Miller | 2021-10-10

When the actual production starts shipping, lets [Wipe] the Forum and all start with a new open minded attitude... (with fewer categories, so things can get put under a correctly related topic)...

Comment by Crazyphilipp | 2021-10-10

Wow. Where will you work when the whole office is a production factory? ^^

Comment by camerin hahn | 2021-10-10

yeah, we broke the two week barrier. this is the news I needed to finish off the week.

Comment by Folke Schwinning | 2021-10-11

Thanks for that update, Jon.
About time, too! After more than 2 weeks.

How many people do you have at Makible that are currently working on packing the whole stuff?
Because 500 per WEEK seems to be too little.
If the parts would be packed together in Germany, a team of 5 (specialized) people would get 500 boxes out per day.

Comment by Roy T | 2021-10-11

Wow, Oct, 15 here we come!

I think 500 per week is impressive for a small company with no factory support for assembly. Also there is some pre-assembly involved, so not just throwing stuff into a box.

Comment by Matt Warrillow | 2021-10-11

Woo another week closer to the finish, looks like mine will ship in 3 weeks :-D (hopefully!!??!?!?)

@Kendle 100% agree would be nice to see a forum refresh when everything settles down or even the bitch moony posts locked and relegated to the Trash Can like you see on other forums where crap and spam end up, Call it an archive for posterity.

Comment by Matt Warrillow | 2021-10-11

@Folke Eventually they will be going at that kinds of speeds but they are ramping up slowly to make sure there will be little or no issues. Im just happier to hear the finish line is in sight.

Comment by Maxim Hurwicz | 2021-10-11

So many little pieces and steps required to be able to ship. And not one can be left out. Amazing journey. Very well done getting this far and having the finish line in site!
It's been quite an emotional journey.
I hope you will allow the forum letters to be preserved. They provide an interesting lode of history for anyone who might attempt such as task in the future. Anyone planning a crowdfunded project needs to be able to see what to be prepared for.
Thanks again for all your hard work and creativity poured into this.