#MakiBox Yoda Timelapse

2021-06-05 21:17 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 14)

Doin the time.


We finally got our production filament in, and so have our colors to start testing with. So far, the materials are very strong and easy to print with.

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Comment by skyhigh | 2021-06-05

Looks great! Just as a side point, with the makibox we get some free plastic. Do we get a selection of colours or can we choose the one we want? Some dark blue plastic in the store would also be nice along with the light blue as well... :)

I can't wait until I can have a go with my own!

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-06-05

@skyhigh - No choice of what comes with the kit. Over time, we will have a full range of colors.

Comment by Matt Dresser | 2021-06-06

This looks awesome! Super excited for mine to ship =D Excellent work!

Comment by Jeffrey Cabrera | 2021-06-06

looking very good!!!

Comment by Pieter Schreurs | 2021-06-06

Is there already a official production date? Looking great!

Comment by paul jones | 2021-06-06

The spool of plastic is sitting on gather bench behind the printer. Does the spool work when it is inside housing?

Comment by Roy T | 2021-06-06

The beta units don't have an official spool holder. This is a beta unit.

Production model has spool holder. Also if you only have a little bit of filament, not worth it to put on a spool

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-06-06

@Pieter - We are just waiting for the tooling to complete. The previous schedule is still what we are working around.

@Paul Jones - Yep, like Roy T said, that is Beta00, and doesn't have a spool holder. Beta02 and the others have a spool holder, but not the same as the production design.

Comment by João Dias | 2021-06-06

Makibox,Makibox,Makibox,Makibox,Makibox,Makibox,Makibox,Makibox,Makibox. Men so tired of waiting... Jon great work. As soon as it arrives at my house, i will not stop printing.....

Comment by camerin hahn | 2021-06-06

it's astounding, time is fleeting , madness takes its toll....

sorry when you title something do the time, I read do the time warp.