MakiLab Move - Day 1 CNC and Couch

2021-04-11 22:34 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiLab Move - Day 1 CNC and Couch

We collected the new machine today and also got lucky to find an awesome couch for the new space.


We will be steadily filling it up and setting things up over the next few days. Since we couldn't get the manual machines we wanted in Hong Kong in stock, we ended up ordering them from the factory in Shanghai. It will take a few extra days, only be able to receive them early next week, but it is a little cheaper that way at least. We may consider being a distributor for these machines if the quality is good.

Tomorrow will be a day of getting the CNC running, setting up some more furniture, and bringing in more tools and other things.



yihern (Twitter) responded:
hey there. may i know when will this 3d printer be available for sale? i'm from singapore and i can't wait. anywhere i can make my orders currently?


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