MakiLab Walkthrough and More Updates

2021-04-25 22:16 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 0)

MakiLab Walkthrough and More Updates

We are steadily working towards putting the final pre-production prototype together for the MakiBox A6.

I wanted to take a moment to try and fill in behind the scenes of what is happening to get everything together and to walk through what the next few weeks look like. 

So, currently we have four full time engineers working on the project. Two electrical and two mechanical, including myself. We have one person handling sourcing and general admin, and two more people with Makible for general business development and web development. 

The engineers are spending a lot of quality time running through the details of the MakiBox both as a whole and individual systems to make it a more optimal product than what has ever existed in the market. We are doing revisions on the hot end, extruder drive, hotbed table, and even the box that the filament ships in. 

With a larger team, we needed a dedicated space. Before we were using two shared coworking and hackerspace locations, but both were too small for our needs and would not give us enough space even for materials, much less production. We happened to get lucky and found a space that an acquaintance was already renovating, so we are just able to move in and don't need to handle arranging the contractors. We get to just pay for it in the rent, which ends up being not that much more than what we paid at the other spaces. 

We did purposely look for more than we need at the moment, but that allows for us to handle the future growth without the distraction of moving and setting up a new space. And, honestly, we just got lucky with this space. 

We are getting the production method for the parts into place currently as we build the prototype, this takes longer, but we know it will be able to go into production right away, and we will have a better idea of how to scale things. We expect to be able to start shipping in two weeks of having a working prototype. The design has only undergone minor changes from a materials standpoint, so everything is already in house for the first 300 units. On that note, if anyone is not comfortable with how things are progressing, please just and we are happy to either answer your questions or to handle order cancelations. 

On the site side, we are making changes to Makible to change the business model a bit, and will be rolling out the new site for that soon. With that change, this posting area and the project comments will be shifted to in the blog and forum. This will help me to consolidate the areas for me to keep up with everyone easier, so that we can both give you a great product and also have that dialog you want. 

This week we will continue to build the prototype and improve the mechanism. Look forward to updates with more CNC action as well as more details about the final design. 

Thanks again for being a part of this project and company. We are going to do some really amazing things in this coming year and could not do it without your support and understanding. 

P.S. - Many thanks to Nils for helping to keep things together while we are getting ramped up.

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