Marlin Rocks and The Germans are Winning!

2022-02-20 22:44 by Michael Tsang (comments: 0)

Marlin Rocks and The Germans are Winning!

So, we’ve confirmed 60% support for the project as of today thanks to Nils Hitze rallying the troops with 20 pieces in Germany! We are revising part of our order process to make larger categories of support easier, so he isn’t showing up currently in the supporter list.

On the other end of the project, I was able to get the new firmware loaded on the driver board and started to put the machine through some paces. The difference between the new (Marlin) and old (Sprinter) firmware is pretty dramatic. Some of it is also moving to a faster Arduino than before, but Marlin looks pretty slick. I’ll post up some video tomorrow, tonight I’ve got duties with Startup Monday here at BootHK as part of the StartupsHK community, so wasn’t able to do the plotting that I wanted before heading out of the lab today.

I’m going to start working on the extruder prototype tomorrow and share some more details about that.

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