Massively Busy Week

2022-03-24 18:17 by Michael Tsang (comments: 0)

Massively Busy Week

Apologies for the lack of updates and interaction online this week. It has been a bit insane and just haven’t been able to post while keeping everything else on schedule. Here is a short post and video about what has been happening.

Things are on track for starting the production early April, and should have everything out the door around mid April for the first 300 orders. We are making the final modifications to the mechanism and should have that wrapped up and printing by the end of next week. I’ve got two additional engineers now helping with both mechanical and electrical work, so next week will go pretty quickly.

The production space will be available early April, so we will start getting everyone in one place instead of being spread out around Hong Kong.

Next week should be pretty smooth, I’m looking forward to wrapping up the development.

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