New Home & Calling in Backup

2022-03-13 20:56 by Michael Tsang (comments: 0)

New Home & Calling in Backup

Getting things ready to ship at the same time as wrapping up the final design is a balancing act that requires a lot of hats, either on different heads or to be worn by the same person.

We’ve got a small team here at Makible, just Nick, Felix, Sarah, and myself, but that is about to change. We are bringing on some more engineers to the team to help get the MakiBox into the market quicker, so these sparse updates will hopefully be a little more frequent soon. This will be good so that we can do a lot of the final work in parallel, and can hit the production as soon as we have the final production PCBs.

It also looks like we might have a new home for out prototyping and production here in Hong Kong. Finding places here usually is a very long process, filled with hoping for lucky breaks. We will be looking at it on Thursday, but a place has come up which may be a great match for us, so that will help speed things up and make the production go more smoothly. Look forward to some pics on Thursday for that.

I’ve still got more work to do for the final integration to get the first prints. Wednesdays are usually a lot more productive for me, so I’ll try to wrap things up tomorrow. I’m looking forward to getting the extra hands on board to speed everything up.

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