#MakiBox A6 - Printing Improvements Midweek Teaser

2021-11-22 04:00 by Jonathan Buford (comments: 8)

Pushing the resolution and testing materials.

tl_files/img/20121121_225020 (2048x1536).jpg

Yes, that is ABS, printed at 0.2mm layer height directly on the stainless bed with no warping or anything. We should have added support material to keep the bottom layers intact, but we can do that next time.

tl_files/img/20121121_225427 (2048x1536).jpg

Here is a comparison of 0.3mm layer height to 0.2mm layer height. 0.5mm nozzle currently. We will test PLA next and 0.3mm nozzle.

Overall, the layers in all the prints are very well laminated. It looks like we have a very good design overall that results in very solid parts. We are still doing this on the Alpha 00 unit. So, there is a bit of wonkiness to certain bits that we think will go away with the Beta units.

We are wrapping up a few things in the store on MakiBox.com, and then we will send out a follow up email to everyone with existing orders. Expect some interesting news later this week.

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Comment by Imran Peerbhai | 2021-11-22

Much improved! I print PLA direct to glass right now, and no longer using tape is a major win! I didn't realize how much time I was wasting putting on tape, getting it all straight, making the seams something not visible in the print, etc... Direct to surface is a great thing -- and very hard to achieve! Congrats!

When you get a chance, please give this object a try:

I've found many bugs with this 3 dimensional ruler. Many printers can't print the holes in the ruler round, or can't print them to the correct size -- especially in Z. It also shows off any squareness errors. If it's not possible to fix all the error, it tells you how much error to allot in your designs when doing CAD models. The best I've gotten holes to is +- 0.3mm of size when measured inside edge to inside edge, with Z holes being undersized while Z position too long by 1.2mm every 100, X/Y position error of 1mm every 24mm. Most of the error is software, and improvements require that I recompile every time. Some of it is physical -- I think that the Leadscrew I use for Z isn't stable -- some sections have different error margins than others, creating more error over long spans than I calculate from small spans.

Most job shops I've seen have the error down to less than 0.1mm in hole size and 0.1mm positional error every 100. I'd love to be able to set my error margins to 0, print, and know that anything I get from a job shop well matches what I've printed. Right now, there's a lot of hope/calibration involved, and I design everything to be very sloppy to compensate for the error in the printer.

Comment by tecdroid | 2021-11-22

very well done! :-) i knew you'll get it before christmas.
This looks close to the first prints of a darwin i saw several years ago-
I really hope you can fix this wonkiness with the betas.
Will you print this ruler, too?

Comment by andy turudic | 2021-11-22

Very nice, Jon!

So, the math says:

0.3*0.2/0.5 = 0.12mm with the 0.3mm nozzle....


Yeah yeah, I know...but I can't let you relax for a sec, though

I don't know why there are these glass platform proponents popping up. Your stainless decision in terms of thermal efficiency and distribution looks like it was the right call. And dropping a screwdriver or butter knife on it won't be a disaster

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2021-11-22

Looks great so far. If you let the plate cool down, does it contract enough to pop the part off?

For future prints, would you mind taking a photo beside a ruler? It'd be nice to get a good sense of the scale of these parts.

Comment by insert_nick | 2021-11-23

I like the shots with hands, because I can roughly compare layers with fingerprints ;)

Comment by KaelAussie | 2021-11-23

Any chance you could do a test print of an object with moving parts?

Comment by justMaD | 2021-11-23

i think it's a bit early, but if you do, i'd love to see http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:33945 ;)

Comment by andybox | 2021-11-23

Rather than print toys, this new test structure looks like it'd be more useful in tuning and tweaking the machine at this stage http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:35421