New #MakiBox (Beta) Store

2021-08-29 19:10 by Elliott Polk (comments: 24)


What's that?!?! Is that a new look for the store?! Nope. It's not just a new look. It's an entirely new platform, written from the ground up.

With that said, you'll notice the "BETA" badge at the top. This is our first public launch and we have tons more work to be done. Typo's, updated photos and an insane feature list are just a few things to come. And yes... there is much more.

Now... before you ask, "Where's my old order"?! We know. We've got the old data ready to go. We've got our finger on the button ready to dump all those glorious 1's and 0's over to the new system. We've made sure that each and every order will be wrapped in velvet as it's transitioned from one system to the next. For those beautiful bits and bytes that are currently suffering in limbo, lost and alone... Well, we will be picking each one up by the digital hand and guiding it gracefully to our new luxurious database of MakiBox awesome. This is our soft launch. We're turning on the A/C, tossing the beer into the fridge to chill and getting the place nice 'n tidy. 

"Well, why would you go live without the data?!" you might ask. Because, the old system actually caused WAY more issues and confusion. We've spent many, many, many hours (even days sometimes) digging through the data, it's not so friendly structures and the general #$%#$^ from the old system. We've laughed, cried and nearly ripped our hair out. Now... if any creepers appear, we're well prepared to handle it quickly and efficiently.

What's next? Production for the MakiBox. Sleep (for the code monkeys). More code. And more awesomeness from our incredible community.

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Comment by Daniel Loeker | 2021-08-29

Hi i have a Problem with the store. I have ordered and payed a makibox for about 2 months. And I have no orders showing anymore in my customer area. I am wondering if this will be repaired .
Anyone else ?

Comment by john knudsen skøtte | 2021-08-29

read the blog and you have the answer:) it will be updatet:)

Comment by Matthias Cramer | 2021-08-29

The new store looks awsome. Great work.

Comment by Wesley Woo-Duk Hwang-Chung | 2021-08-29

"Typo's, updated photo's and an insane feature list"

Tip for typos - make sure you do not use apostrophes like that. Those plurals have no need for them. ;)

Comment by Jonathan Burne | 2021-08-29

The new store looks great guys! Keen for it to be all running smoothly!

Comment by john knudsen skøtte | 2021-08-29

when will you update the orders and will we be able to se what number we are in the que??

Comment by Olivier Henny | 2021-08-29

Looks great guys, keep it up!

Comment by Joshua Melton | 2021-08-30

My order num is 945, I try to access my account, it does not show up.. I take it orders will be transfered over to the new store?? I can't login to the store portion of the web page.

Comment by Joshua Melton | 2021-08-30

question is answered, thanks!!

Comment by berserk | 2021-08-30

Hello elliott. You said for "We've got old data". is it involved a refundable correctly money?.
I've got wrong a refundable money in the "manage credits".