#MakiBox A6 Teaser & Shipping Raise

2021-11-15 00:12 by Nils Hitze (comments: 20)

Extruder in the Makibox

Howdy, this is another MakiBox update .. gotcha. Well today you get a teaser that is not directly Technology related, but we need to talk about something.

But first let me use this opportunity to introduce myself to the readers of this blog who don't know me, i am Nils Hitze, the Community Manager of Makible and my Job is to keep you folks informed, updated and organized.

So bad news first:

Shipping Raise

Sorry to tell you that but, yes, $ 50 as a flat fee didn’t work out very well for us.

And we need to eat too, you know? So we will go up to $ 100 for now until we integrated the DHL API - after that you all pay EXACTLY what the Shipping is worth. We don’t want to subsidy our sales with the Shipping, we just don’t want to pay it from our margin.

Edit 14. Nov: This is for all FUTURE Orders not for the existing ones!

Btw - with Box 1001 we’re also releasing the Plans for the MakiBox into the wild. It will be 100% Open to you. Isn’t that awesome?

Then something good:

Jon told me today that we will send out a confirmation email to all existing customers with details on shipping arrangements.

And some Technology-related for the End

We are very happy with the platform performance in general. Just doing some testing of different nozzle designs and settings.

Filament Feeder

some printed blob


So that's it folks, at least for today. Come visit the Community in the IRC or in our Forum.


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Comment by Rasmin van Kessel | 2021-11-15

Would have been nice to integrate the DHL API before releasing the news...

Comment by Nils Hitze | 2021-11-15

Hi Rasmin, yeah we would love to but we have limited resources and we needed to end loosing money.

Comment by NDrew | 2021-11-15

Is the filament feeder pictured an addon?

Comment by tave | 2021-11-15

If I ordered this morning, am i going to be charged 50 or 100 for shipping?

Comment by Gr0b | 2021-11-15

That looks like a filament feed system. What happened to the pellet drive?

Comment by MakiBox Member | 2021-11-15

Comment by tave | 2021-11-15
If I ordered this morning, am i going to be charged 50 or 100 for shipping?

Presumably 100, as your comment is a day later than the post.
Probably best waiting for the exact charges option now, unless you know shipping to your location is normally expensive.

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-11-15

I wouldn't count on much difference in the shipping cost unless you are in Asia. We will work on setting up a lower cost shipping method, but for the next one to two months, it will be pretty much that to most places, even with rated shipping cost. The shipping weight of the MakiBox is not light, around 5-7kg, so not that cheap to ship most places. Please keep in mind, this is typically 2-7 days most places to the world shipping time.

Comment by Jon Buford | 2021-11-15

@NDrew & Gr0b - The base unit is a filament machine. The pellet extruder will be an add on for new orders, we will be releasing the details soon. For existing orders, we will be sending details about the options for your machines soon.

Comment by deandob | 2021-11-16

Can someone confirm the shipping cost policy as my experience is different to what Nils and Jon posted. I ordered on the 12th Nov and was surprised to see the shipping cost up to $100 but I ordered anyway as my 3D printing project is quite delayed waiting for the Makibox and wanted to pre-order before the order rush once the product is released. Now Nils posts that this extra charge is for all future orders yet my order was earlier, and Jon states that the shipping cost will be less for those with closer/cheaper shipping locations (I'm in Australia).

Although I'm happy to pay for the actual costs for shipping, I don't want to extra if I don't have to. Will I get a rebate for the difference in the shipping cost (eg. to go towards the cost of the pellet extruder)?

I also pass through HK often on business trips, would it be possible to pick up the kit in HK and avoid (refund) the shipping cost?

Comment by justMaD | 2021-11-16

In case someone hasn't seen it yet, there's a new video of some quite nice printing action :)