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Most projects (particularly hardware) are delayed by weeks, months, or sometimes more than a year. Delays tend to correlate with the complexity of the product, the level of overfunding, and the constraints on the team (e.g. are they doing this full time, is it a team or an individual, do they have other sources of funding, etc.). Sometimes the project creators run out of money and disappear, running from an angry mob of backers who believed in them once, and now want a refund.

2021-10-01 20:51
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Really interesting blog post (and very honest). I think anyone that is now considering backing a kickstarter project should read it first so they know what they are getting into. I recently backed the Zim dual head 3d printer (I'm also waiting on the makibox) which at the level I backed is supposed to ship in March. Even though there is a large team behind it with lots of manufacturing experience and the Zim seems like a finished product, I still don't expect it to ship then (it's always nice to be surprised though). But I really like what they are doing and would much rather receive a quality product (same for the makibox). I totally understand people's frustrations (and sympathize because that long of a wait is agonizing) but seeing how these crowdfunded experiences go I've decided to force myself to be more patient.

Btw if anyone is curious about the Zim here is the kickstarter page (there's still 20 days left): http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1410146982/zim-the-first-dual-head-personal-3d-printer-fully
2021-10-02 02:13
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@ hole, Suppose you've moved on.
Sorry I never thanked you for linking to Zach Supalla's September 30th blog post:


It's really good. His idea about 'unconditional transparency' in the
'Being transparent with your backers can be nerve-racking' section
seemed to work for Spark Devices.

They were a few months late but did get the Spark Core boards shipped,
generating just a few hundred comments from over five thousand backers.
And they are still doing updates on their Kickstarter page today,
even an April fools' one:

Introducing the Open Internet Telegraph
2021-06-21 18:35