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It seems like denial. You do not want to face the fact that you were duped and defrauded.

Everyone has the right to do so. While some of the things your saying are perfectly right, your way of telling gets on peoples nerves. Insulting everyone who does not agree with you is also not helping. Not everyone who doesn´t agree is stupid.

If you keep pissing people off, nagging and ranting, they will stop listening to you, to everything you have to say. That way you won´t get anything across, also not the truth. Youre knocking yourself out. Its useless.

That the way Makible acts, or Jon acts, is not remotely good business practice is something people have long understood. Long before you started your crusade (after getting your refund)

The way you act makes sure you wont achieve anything. The people here in this forum know Makible long enough, you can´t tell them news. And they can´t change things. If you want to change tings, you are in the wrong place. Since you have studied law I guess you know that already, which makes me wonder why you are doing this? What is the point?

For gods sake, cool down. The people who think like you don´t need to be convinced, the others can´t be convinced.
Yesterday 04:38
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good post.
Yesterday 05:06
Tech Addict
From: United States
Posts: 1221
This is just going in a useless circle. He's going to post what he wants no matter what others say about it, might as well give up.

If you don't like it, just ignore and stop replying.
Yesterday 07:11
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The ATTACKS came at me for exposing Jon, I got the article on 3DPI rolling, I exposed his fraud and even got him to admit it via my tactics.
Any calling others stupid or whatever is in direct response to their coming at me.
Yesterday 17:15
Posts: 18
Well done. Maybe you can print yourself off a medal with a new 3D printer from your refund a few months back.

Otherwise, no one on here cares about recognising the work of a monotonous keyboard warrior Zzzz
Yesterday 17:26
Matt Warrillow (warrmr)
From: Birmingham, United Kingdom
Posts: 311
This guy is a professional Troll, is there a block button in this forum software so I don't see any of this idiots posts. If not anyone fancy helping me write a chrome extension to hide this guys posts or can Mr Mod hit him with the Ban hammer!

Trolling by Arthur Haglund

Nixon was the Anti Christ https://plus.google.com/104284213410755526809/posts/Hqmu8kHF7Gt
Telling Nils to Piss off (run out of arguments?) https://twitter.com/ArthurHaglund/status/482244331625922560
More accusations of Fraud (This guy must really know his shit when it comes to law if he goes around throwing accusations of fraud around like its water) https://twitter.com/ArthurHaglund/status/460830705816043520

I think we should heed Roy's advice and just ignore this tool instead of feeding the tolls (yes im a hypocrite)
Yesterday 23:42
Posts: 76
After reading that twitter link you provided I agree, warrmr. He´s fanatical and beyond reasoning.:thumbdown:
Today 12:49
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