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So looking at that, and looking at the 4kg of filament I've got in my workshop that may or may not, at some point in the ineffable future, become makibox fodder - I'm thinking, maybe this is a good interim idea.

I've seen them on ebay for about £60

And At least I'd be able to make something out of plastic. Okay so probably nothing terribly precise.
But it looks like it does a much better job than trying to make stuff with a glue gun.

And now I've cleaned my desktop - I really need to get something on it before the crap starts crawling back :lol:

10 minutes later...
Sod it - I've got to make something out of plastic. Just ordered one of these: http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/3D-Printing-Pen-3-FREE-FILAMENTS-UK-Plug-3D-Printer-Pen-Next-Day-Delivery-/141311006099?pt=UK_Crafts_DrawingSupplies_EH&var=&hash=item20e6cad593

And yes it does use 1.75 mm abs.
But has temp control and extrusion speed control and is a .4mm hotend.
And I'll get it: wait for it - by the weekend ! (lol)

Wonder of you could rig the hotend up to a makibox ;)

Now all I need is to upgrade my brain so I can download sliced stl files direct to my cerebellum :lol:
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Kristian Blåsol (Sourcery)
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Interesting, 2,5h build time for that isnt that bad... And 60 quid not that much. Maybe should order one anyways... (was told it was a bad investment about a week ago) ;)
Makibox HT ordered,
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Yesterday 14:07
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well one of the things it#ll be really useful for is working out which filaments bond together.

My next (probably first) 3d printer will be a dual extruder.
So it'll be useful to know whether or not ninja flex bonds to abs, or nylon bonds to laybrick wood - etc.
Something really easy to try out with a pen.
Could also be used for bonding different parts together.

Like chris's ironman suit :-)

Plus It'll be interesting to see if I can make some parts with it. And now I've got the 3d printing bug - I need to be making stuff :-)
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It sound like an OK product but the price kills it. For something so simple and NOT precise, it should be sold in 99 cents stores. OK OK, say $20-30 is fine with me. I paid $80 for a temperature controlled blow gun and soldering iron set.
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yeah it looks really cool but yeah that price is kinda crazy. That and i've never had the fine motor skills to draw stuff free hand
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