Care and Feeding

Your MakiBox has been designed to be as simple as possible for you to assemble and get good prints out of, but it still takes a little TLC to get the best output from it. Before your first print, these are some of the things you might want to check.

For your first print, you might want to try running a test cube from this collection of pre-sliced files.

Updated PID Settings

If you are having trouble with stuffing of your hot end during prints, try updating the firmware, or set the PID settings to this updated profile using Gcode:

; Set the current PID parameters

M301 P6000 I30 D2000

; Print current settings


; Save current settings to EEPROM


; Print EEPROM settings




Tuning your Printrboard stepper drivers

(this should not be needed from the factory): 

Tuning the drive blocks for the X&Y Movement: 

Adjusting the end support on the X axis guide rails:

Tuning the Hot End assembly:

Leveling the print bed:

This is an older video for leveling the bed and a first print: